Workforce Development Focus Leads to Transdev Partnership with Arizona Automotive Institute

By August 8, 2022 News

August 8, 2022

Workforce Development Focus Leads to Transdev Partnership with Arizona Automotive Institute

Transdev continues to look for innovative solutions to address the current national labor shortage with some of our customized workforce development efforts.

In Phoenix, our team partnered with a technical institute whose focus is on providing skills to students that are complementary to what we are looking for in new employees – specifically mechanics. That idea spawned a perfect match with the Arizona Automotive Institute (AAI).

Our local team arranged with AAI to hold a small career fair at the school to introduce students to jobs in public transportation with Transdev. They met with the students and presented them with an opportunity: Transdev would pay for the last five weeks of their 10-week course and offer them part-time employment / training until their schooling was complete, as long as they passed our certification process. Upon successful completion of their training, they would be offered a fulltime position with Transdev. In turn, AAI would provide the students with their “graduation maintenance toolbox” early so that the students would have the tools they need for their new job, while still participating in the 10-week program.

As a result of this pilot program, Transdev already has three new part-time “student-employees” from AAI lined up to start work at our Phoenix location in the fall. “I am proud of my Phoenix team for constantly looking at different ways to attract new employees,” commented Derrick Breun, Transdev RVP for the Mountain region. “This is the start of a great relationship with AAI and since they offer new classes every 10 weeks, this could now offer us access to a regular pipeline of talent.”

The team also is looking to expand this partnership with AAI by reaching out to their night classes and their former graduates.