Transdev Launches New Workforce Development Program for Maintenance

By July 13, 2022 News

July 13, 2022

Transdev Launches New Workforce Development Program for Maintenance

Our Transdev team in Fairfax County, VA recently launched a one-year, maintenance apprenticeship program in support of Transdev’s commitment to workforce development. The program encourages high school students to gain the skills needed to enter a career in Transit as a maintenance technician – no experience necessary. This program attracts high school students who previously were not aware of the great jobs available in public transit with Transdev and gets a new generation of talent into our workforce. The program was officially kicked off in Fairfax in June 2022 with a full roster of six new apprentices going through the one-year process. There are plans to replicate this program in other locations.

Following the successful completion of the one-year program, the apprentice will have gained the required knowledge, experience, and competency to test and become certified as a Level C maintenance technician for Transdev.

“This program is a great way to introduce the transit industry to a new generation of applicants who would not have been eligible to work in these roles otherwise,” said Terry Thompson, Transdev’s area general manager in Fairfax County, VA. “The program identifies a career path and advancement opportunities for individuals with aspirations of becoming a diesel or zero emissions bus technician, while introducing them to the exciting, new electric vehicle technology that’s becoming such a big part of our industry.”

The one-year program consists of a balance between classroom lessons and hands-on training. New apprenticeship opportunities will be offered every six months and are posted on our Transdev career site, as well as on the Department of Labor career site.

The Transdev team also is working on a separate three-year maintenance training program that has already been certified by the Department of Labor.