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Transdev U.S. by the Numbers

We are the largest private operator and integrator of multiple modes of public transportation in the United States, including bus, paratransit, rail, NEMT, microtransit, shuttle, and autonomous vehicles. Leading cities, counties, airports, private companies, and universities contract with Transdev to operate and maintain their transportation systems. We also proudly provide fleet maintenance and vehicle services which keep our clients moving safely and reliably throughout their communities.




46 States, plus DC and Puerto Rico

19 countries

32,000 team members in the U.S.

360M annual passenger trips

Over 17,000 vehicles in the U.S.

61% of our vehicles are clean (Euro VI, hybrid, NGV or bioNGV, electric, biodiesel, hydrogen)

102,000 employees globally

3000 electric vehicles globally

340 Electric Vehicles in our U.S. Fleets

16 transit modes

400 cities and communities in the U.S.

400 cities and communities in the U.S.

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