Fleet Maintenance

Delivering on Safe, Reliable Service, Keeping Vehicles on the Road

Our teams empower the freedom to move every day, thanks to safe, reliable and innovative solutions. One of the ways we deliver on this commitment is in the way we maintain and protect over 17,300 vehicles and other assets of the transportation entities we serve. And clients know they can trust us with their most valuable asset – their name!

Our clients make massive investments in vehicles and infrastructure. Transdev is a responsible steward of safeguarding those assets. We bring global expertise, coupled with our local commitment, to deliver on high standards in fleet and infrastructure maintenance.

Through the sheer scale of our operations from contract locations across the country, we collect enormous amounts of data. We track items such as parts usage and maintenance task records in a consolidated database. Using proprietary algorithms on this data, we ensure compliance and empower our teams with added context to ensure a proactive approach to maintenance. We are focused on safely extending the life of our clients’ fleets.

Transdev constantly refines our preventive maintenance (PMI) program to meet the demands of new and ever-changing technology.

Diesel, CNG, Electric, Hydrogen and Beyond

Maintaning the fleet of today and tomorrow

Transdev has deep expertise in maintaining all types of fleets and our maintenance technicians specialize in bringing a wide skill set to perform diagnostic and predictive repairs that keep fleets on the road and in revenue service.

We create a customized maintenance plan for each location to accommodate specific fleet types, climates, local operating conditions and specific requirements of our clients. Our customized local maintenance programs may have different requirements and specifications.

Transdev manages, operates, and maintains over 17,000 vehicles throughout North America across 400 locations and 61% of those are clean (Euro VI, hybrid, NGV or bioNGV, electric, biodiesel, hydrogen). We have more than 340 electric vehicles in our fleet, and a deep expertise with hydrogen-fueled vehicles. 

Worldwide, Transdev operates and maintains more electric buses than any other operator outside of China.

Data driven, smart maintenance

Our intimate knowledge of a 17,000-vehicle fleet constantly provides new data points, and with our unique algorithms, we know even when preventive maintenance needs to be done in advance of a regularly scheduled PMI.

Technology helps our garages move beyond standard preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance. Cloud-based alerts can notify technicians immediately of a potential problem. Once armed with wrenches, technicians now carry tablets as the most important instrument in diagnosing problems. They work through specially designed programs and processes to reduce vehicle downtime and ensure productivity and high standards for PMIs and repairs.

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Operating ZE Around the World

Leaders in Zero Emission Fleets:

Our expertise in the emerging field of electric and hydrogen buses continues to grow. As the popularity of electric buses is set to increase every year, our knowledge will only help deploy these vehicles while ensuring we extend the life of electric fleets.

We have experience working with many types of vehicles and have built excellent relationships with multiple manufacturers to certify our technicians to directly make warranty repairs. We have the knowledge and experience to assist our clients with maintaining electric vehicles, including determining the right type of vehicles for the area, the best method of power (battery, inductive charging, or conductive opportunity charging), and strategic charging locations based on hours and miles of service, battery capacity, and route conditions.

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ZE Spotlight on Foothill Transit

Since 2014, Transdev has operated services for Foothill Transit’s Arcadia facility service in Southern California and maintains a fleet of more than 200 vehicles providing local, express, and bus rapid transit (BRT) services. In 2015, Foothill Transit began implementing electric vehicles into the fleet operated from the Arcadia maintenance shop, and that number is now steadily increasing. With plans to achieve an all-electric fleet by 2030, our local maintenance team works closely with Foothill Transit to successfully implement and maintain these vehicles.

Transdev currently uses 16 electric vehicle charging stations, provided by Foothill Transit. The installation was completed in December 2019, and our team uses it primarily at night to charge during off-peak energy times. Our Fuelers and Technicians are responsible for plugging in the electric vehicles based on a pre-determined schedule. We work with Foothill Transit and Proterra to report any issues or concerns with charging.

In 2021 we had over 200 zero emissions electric buses on the street.

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