Fleet Maintenance

Keeping vehicles and passengers moving.

Whether it’s the 6,000 vehicles we maintain every day or the 440 miles of rail track our maintenance-of-way subsidiary tends to, our maintenance team is dedicated to preserving and repairing the capital investments of our clients.

Through the development of proprietary platforms we’ve pioneered a maintenance approach that ensures the longevity of transit vehicles and extends the life of our clients’ fleets.

Our clients make massive investments in vehicles and infrastructure. Transdev is a careful steward of those assets. We bring global expertise to deliver on high standards in fleet and infrastructure maintenance, focused on both quality and productivity

Through the sheer scale of our operations, with contract locations throughout the country, we collect enormous amounts of data.  Our systems track parts and replacements in a massive database, with proprietary algorithms that show when every part needs repair or replacement.

5,000 vehicles maintained daily
440 miles of rail track maintained daily

We’re Ready to Work With Your Fleet

With experience on diesel, CNG and electric bus fleets our maintenance technicians specialize in bringing a wide skill set to perform diagnostic and predictive repairs that keep fleets on the road and in revenue service.

We create a customized maintenance plan for each location to accommodate specific fleet types, climates, local operating conditions and specific requirements of our clients. Our customized local maintenance programs may have different requirements and specifications.

Preventive maintenance planning

Based upon a review of daily mileage readings (life miles) and the number of elapsed miles since the previous preventative maintenance inspection (PMI), inspections are initiated using the Transdev PMI checklist.

Everyone is responsible for maintenance

All employees are trained to identify potential maintenance issues so that service is not disrupted.

Monitoring and tracking repairs and parts

Transdev uses customized fleet management software as a platform for maintenance management systems. This software provides vehicle schedules for the PMI program, ensures on-time compliance, maintains vehicle histories, manages parts inventory, and tracks fuel, oil and other consumables.

Maintenance audits

Our regional maintenance directors are tasked with regularly auditing and reviewing the performance of their transit systems, as well as ensuring that local staff has the resources and training they need.

Beyond preventative
An intimate knowledge of all parts of a vehicle translates to increased maintenance efficiencies. With a 6,000-vehicle fleet constantly providing new data points, our unique algorithms learn when every tire needs a rotation in advance of the scheduled PMI.
Technology helps our garages move beyond standard preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance. Cloud-based alerts can notify technicians immediately of a potential problem.
Once armed with wrenches, technicians now carry tablets as the most important instrument in diagnosing problems. They work through specially designed programs and processes to reduce vehicle downtime and ensure productivity and high standards for PMIs and repairs.
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Leaders in Electric Buses

Our expertise in the emerging field of electric buses continues to grow. Starting in 2018 Transdev will maintain the only all-electric fleet in the country. Across the world we operate and maintain more than 10 percent of all electric buses outside of Asia. As the popularity of electric buses is set to increase every year, our knowledge will only help extend the life of electric fleets.

Transdev’s industry reputation is electric buses is so robust that our technicians are certified to make warranty repairs for a major electric bus manufacturer.

Investing in our people
It’s simple: we want the best technicians in our garages. To help develop an outstanding roster in every location, we award bonuses for technicians willing to take additional classes on ever-changing maintenance practices. We proudly claim several Blue Seal Certified garages from the ASE.

Streetcar Maintenance

The differences in maintenance requirements between buses and streetcars is vast.

To train staff at new locations, we send maintenance personnel to our streetcar systems throughout the country. It’s this global collaboration that helps Transdev maintain its status as the national leader in streetcar operations.

We’ve witnessed initial launches—a crucial period in the life of a streetcar system— stall in locations that attempted to apply the same maintenance procedures in the rail yard as the bus yard.

Streetcars are unique in all aspects. From underground or overhead catenary wiring, the vehicles, the routes and the rights of way: the entire composition of each location will determine the maintenance needs of the system. Once again, Transdev draws from our global best practices operating successful streetcar and tram systems.

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