Transdev Vehicle Services

We partner with private and public sector companies to deliver dependable, effective and results-focused maintenance on their fleets to keep their businesses running safely and efficiently.

Transdev U.S. works with our fleet maintenance clients to design customized maintenance solutions that significantly increase the safety and availability of their fleets, while reducing their overall operating expenses.

We serve the people who serve our communities, including law enforcement, fire and rescue, utility, construction, sanitation, highway, and parks and recreation fleets.

Delivering Service Based on Our Diverse Fleet Experience

We know that every fleet is unique. Transdev takes the time and effort needed to design and deliver unique and customized maintenance solutions that leverage our expertise and commitment to safety and customer service. Whether we’re working with heavy-duty construction equipment, law enforcement and fire & rescue vehicles, or a fleet of various-sized automobiles, our partnership commitments are the same. We know our partners come to us for safe, efficient and cost-effective fleet maintenance and management programs and that’s what we are proud to deliver.

Our Expertise is a Result of our Commitment to Training and Safety

Transdev understands the importance of a well-maintained fleet. We provide our vehicle services employees with the training, tools and resources they need to deliver the results our maintenance clients deserve and expect. We have helped more than 3,500 of our technicians become ASE certified.

Leveraging our resources and experiences contributes to our technicians’ growth. Our Internal Technical Assistance Center (TAC) was developed through our commitment to training. Our TAC is an internal resource available to our technicians to share best practices and expertise with each other. It allows all our team members to benefit from our company’s focus on continuous learning, improvement and development – which all translates to additional value for our clients.

Understanding the Value of Preventive Maintenance

The backbone of Transdev’s maintenance operation is our strong Preventative Maintenance (PM) Program. Proper preventive maintenance protects the considerable investments our clients make in their fleets. All our vehicles undergo regular inspections and necessary repairs per their individual and detailed preventive maintenance contracts. Our focus and commitment to maintenance keeps available fleets operational and provides clients and passengers alike the confidence they need for safe and reliable transportation.

Government Fleet Services

Transdev Vehicle Services provides fleet maintenance and repair for government and municipal client locations across the United States and Puerto Rico. Getting public service vehicles up and running efficiently and safely is not only part of our business commitment, but also offers us a way to directly contribute to the communities in which we operate.

Government Fleet Services

Reliable, efficient and effective public-service fleets are the foundation for a well-operated, safe, and peaceful community. Our Transdev Vehicle Services’ rigorous fleet maintenance programs are designed with our government and municipal clients’ specific fleet requirements and operator demands in mind.

Transdev Vehicle Services is proud to keep a diverse fleet of municipal vehicles on the road daily. We understand that everything is critical to providing quality community services – from fire and police vehicles and light- and medium-duty vehicles to aerial lifts, trash compactors, and construction units. Each plays such a critical role in maintaining a safe, effective and functioning community and we welcome the contribution and role we play.

Transdev Vehicle Services is committed to ensuring that our government and municipal clients’ vehicles and equipment are consistently available at a moment’s notice.

Private Fleet Services

We are proud of our private sector partnerships, providing high-quality fleet management services designed for each of our clients, including airports, universities, farm corporations, oil refineries and petrochemical companies.

Private Fleet Services

At Transdev Vehicle Services, we understand that delivering goods and services safely, efficiently, and on time is at the heart of our clients’ businesses. Our ASE-certified technicians are committed to the customers’ fleets and all our work is tied to safety, efficiency and each client’s unique requirements.

The depth of our technical expertise allows us to provide maintenance on every type and make of vehicle and mobile equipment, from pickups and heavy trucks to cranes and forklifts, and even fire apparatus and emergency response equipment. Our customer service philosophy focused on developing unique total fleet management and maintenance programs offers our clients – who range from utility companies and refineries to food & beverage and airports – the service and response time they need from a single-source supplier.

Transit Fleet Services

At Transdev, our teams empower the freedom to move every day, thanks to safe, reliable and innovative solutions. One of the ways we deliver on this commitment is in the way we maintain and protect more than 60,000 vehicles and other assets of the transportation entities we serve. Our clients know they can trust us with their most valuable asset – their reputation.

Our extensive experience with many types of transit fleets including fixed route, paratransit, universities, and school districts makes our Transdev Vehicle Services unique. Our fleet management solutions are custom-tailored to every situation and every client. As we work independently with each of our clients to design a customized maintenance approach, we ensure the common goals of increasing the safety and availability of their fleet and reducing overall expenses are always kept top-of-mind.

Transdev Vehicle Services makes extensive and ongoing investments in our maintenance technology, our people, and our processes/methodologies. By offering regular educational training programs and certifications to our employees, our clients can rest assured their vehicles are being maintained by experts in the field. This means their fleet is back on the road, delivering its safe and reliable service, efficiently and with minimal disruption.

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Vehicle Upfitting Services          

Vehicle upfitting customizes vehicles to increase productivity. Transdev Mobile Technologies partners with our Vehicle Services and specializes in delivering our customers entire mobile hardware packages, including specialized mounting hardware, docking stations, GPS systems, communication equipment, rugged and semi-rugged computers, antennas, cables, wiring and power distribution centers, to upfit their vehicles to stay competitive.

Vehicle Upfitting

Transdev Mobile Technologies

Transdev Vehicle Services partners with our Transdev Mobile Technologies business to offer high quality mobile laptop and mounting solutions, which include specific docks and cradles for all major manufacturers. We also supply a wide variety of supporting peripheral devices such as printers and GPS units.

As a provider of quality mobile technologies for fleets across the country, Transdev Mobile Technologies puts the time and effort into the design of our mounting products and installation services. Our installation professionals are trained to properly mount and wire the equipment in any vehicle type with a goal to work within our clients to upfit their vehicles as quickly as possible.

We offer high quality mobile laptop and mounting solutions, which includes specific docks and cradles for all major manufacturers. Transdev Mobile Technologies also supplies a wide variety of supporting peripheral devices such as printers and GPS units. We pride ourselves in delivering our customers an entire mobile hardware package that address all the requirements and meets their business schedules.


Transdev Vehicle Services fleet service center provides quick and trusted preventive and emergency maintenance for all types of personal and heavy-duty vehicles. We set a high standard for fleet maintenance repairs for all vehicle types through our dedication to safety, knowledgeable technicians, extensive training and high-quality, reliable maintenance solutions.

Our first fleet service center, located in Roswell, New Mexico, is open to the public. No appointment is needed.

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Transdev Vehicle Services’ proven maintenance approach and skilled technicians help businesses and communities operate safe, reliable fleets.

Roswell, New Mexico

Our Roswell, New Mexico fleet service center provides quick and trusted preventive and emergency maintenance for all vehicle types:

  • Class 1-9
  • Heavy-duty mixed fleet vehicles: large delivery trucks, dump trucks, concrete trucks, fire trucks, and buses
  • Personal vehicles: recreational vehicles, cars, trucks, and off-road vehicles
  • Electric vehicles (EV)
  • Hybrid
  • Diesel

Services Offered:

  • Oil change and services
  • Gasoline engine repair and performance
  • Diesel engine repair and performance
  • Drive train repair and services
  • Brake repair and services
  • Steering and suspension repair and services
  • Electrical diagnosis and repairs
  • A/C repair and services
  • Transmission repair and services
  • DOT inspections
  • Hydraulic repair and services
  • Service Calls

Roswell, New Mexico Fleet Service Center

Roswell, New Mexico 88201

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday: 8AM – 5PM
Saturday – Sunday: Closed
No appointment needed.

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(575) 208 – 0504