Health Solutions (NEMT)

We operate call centers and brokerages from coast to coast with experience contracting directly with public transit agencies, state Medicaid departments, managed care organizations, and other healthcare providers interested in providing mobility services to their members.

Safe and Reliable Access to Care

Healthcare transportation is critical to every community. As the North American leader in mobility services, Transdev improves quality of life by connecting people and communities. For more than 25 years, our dedicated NEMT division has been driven by one goal, to provide safe, reliable NEMT service for our communities. While our trips are non-emergency, we treat every passenger’s NEMT ride as urgent and important. Our services include:

  • Verification of passenger and transportation provider eligibility
  • Fraud, waste and abuse prevention
  • Bi-Monthly auditing schedule
  • Federal and state exclusion screening program
  • Trip reservations
  • Software available for transportation providers to better schedule and multi-load trips
  • Utilizing accessible public transportation and other alternative modes whenever appropriate
  • Simplifying the billing process
  • All associated customer service functions
  • Individual support for all Transportation Providers
  • Translation assistance


Proprietary Technology, Tools and Processes

Brokerage coordination centers combine the latest digital innovations with the practical experience that comes from being the leading provider of multi-modal transportation in the world. We apply this industry expertise to deliver measurable results in meaningful ways: reducing costs, delivering innovation, increasing efficiencies for all budgets and improving the passenger experience.

Bring Your Own Technology

Transdev is software agnostic: many of our clients have embedded relationships with existing software providers. However, we’re experienced with all major scheduling solutions available and have developed a suite of proprietary software extensions and customizations that work with many existing platforms to improve the customer experience and streamline reporting.

Member Websites

We provide full member websites for our clients upon request. We provide member services under the Transdev brand (linking to the client brand) and allow members to have a single source of information about their transportation provider benefits and also, book their trips directly on the website or via phone.

Member websites: Aloha Care, Ohana Health Plan, Health First Colorado and NETSPAP.

We Make Getting There Seamless

With transportation coordination centers located from coast to coast, IntelliRide manages over 14 million phone calls and coordinates millions of passenger trips each year.

Learn how we can support the transportation needs of your members today:

Illinois Department of Healthcare and Human Services – NETSPAP Call Center

Transdev has been in partnership with the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Human Services (HFS) in the provision of Non-Emergency Transportation Services Prior Authorization Program (NETSPAP) services since 2001. NETSPAP is a program of the HFS dedicated to help Medicaid Participants who have limited access to non-emergency transportation to and from a Medicaid covered health care services.

Over the course of our partnership, we have brought our wealth of Non-Emergency Transport (NET), Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) knowledge and call center expertise together to improve process and design systems for HFS. Additionally, Transdev’s experience as a transportation provider at hundreds of operations across the U.S. is key to our success in NEMT operations. We understand the challenges service providers face on a regular basis – and with best practices and corporate experts in transportation operations, safety and maintenance, we serve as a resource to providers.