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Innovation is the Future Delivered

Transdev is delivering on innovative solutions that empower the freedom to move for all while serving the common good.

Innovations in
Passenger Experience


Answers “Where’s My Ride” for Paratransit Passengers

Our myTransitManager app improves the rider experience for our paratransit passengers. The app allows users to review reservations for current day or future trips and provides vehicle arrival updates. It also provides caregivers with real-time pick up and drop off information including real-time vehicle location.


An operation audit to improve the passenger experience

T.ex is our proprietary Transdev program and methodology designed to assess all aspects of the customer experience. Through facilitated workshops, T.ex takes data-driven passenger-personas through every step of the passenger journey to identify opportunities to improve the experience.

Mystery Traveler and Caller

A customer experience audit tool to manage performance

Mystery Traveler and Mystery Caller are quality-based auditing programs that utilize Transdev methodology and systems to assess the customer experience. Third-party assessors are trained and equipped to make carefully defined assessments and enter them into our custom web interface. The program yields real-time, accurate, and helpful reports enabling our teams to understand “real world” performance.


Managing Customer Complaints and Other Feedback

Transdev’s customer feedback management program, LISTEN, is designed to record, respond, and analyze customer feedback across multiple channels. LISTEN helps our teams and clients consolidate and centralize passenger feedback, manage the investigation process, analyze feedback, and provide useful, timely reporting of customer issues and trends.
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Innovations in

Zero Emission (ZE) Expertise

Supporting Clients on their Zero Emission Journeys

Assisting with eco-friendly and electric fleets is a key aspect of Transdev’s service offer to our clients. We leverage our expertise in the U.S. and around the world to help our clients with their strategy and transition to electrification, which includes a complete understanding of the opportunities and challenges involved. Our team of experts including our engineers, operators, supervisors, and maintenance professionals are available to work through the uniqueness that comes with an electric fleet – technology choices, charging infrastructure, battery life, recharging and scheduling impacts, energy consumption and cost impact.
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Autonomous Shuttles

Expanding Your Mobility Ecosystem

Launch operations that blend seamlessly with existing mobility solutions, expand connections within your community, and enhance the footprint of public transit. Transdev is at the forefront of autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, capitalizing on decades of management and operational expertise.
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First Mile/Last Mile Solutions

A flexible, on-demand service option

Well-designed, on demand Microtransit services can be a productive part of the transit mix, serving less densely populated areas and thus helping improve access to mobility. Transdev operates many different types of Microtransit services for dozens of clients in the U.S., France, the Netherlands and Australia. Key criteria for success in Microtransit include a) meeting genuine local mobility needs, b) being truly reliable and convenient, and c) integrating well into the transit system’s ticketing system and overall service design.
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Apps for Seamless Integrated Mobility

The future will require a single point of entry for passengers with integrated trip planning, booking and payment services. Solutions from our Cityway division help guarantee the quality of passenger data, and improve the multimodal experience. If you are looking for a technology platform to operate MaaS solutions, Cityway, a wholly owned subsidiary of Transdev, delivers sophisticated, customized technology implementations with strong expertise in intermodal trip-planning for MaaS (Mobility as a Service) and systems for first- and last-mile solutions, electronic ticketing, and mobility accounts.

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Innovations in
Improved Operations

Vision – A Suite of Tools

Transdev’s Vision Suite provides tools to closely monitor your service, equip employees with information to increase efficiency, and facilitate collecting accurate data to improve service for passengers. This collection of technologies helps us monitor, manage, and improve real-time performance for safety, on-time performance, labor utilization, maintenance costs, efficiency ratios, and more.
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Employee app to empower workday management

Our MobiMe app creates optimal workforce management by empowering operators to manage their workday anytime and from anywhere.

Operators use the app to manage their day-to-day activities such as requests for time-off, reviewing shifts and hours, and staying connected through messages, news alerts and more. MobiMe has reduced absenteeism and improved driver satisfaction, engagement, and performance.

Safety First with Mobileye and DriveCam/Lytx

Technology Investments to Support Safety First

Daring to leverage new technology, we are always looking for new ways to help our teams stay safe on the roads. DriveCam’s event-based video recording system and Mobileye’s vision-based, driver assistance collision mitigation system, are two tools that help us reinforce our “Safety First” commitment to our employees, passengers, and the communities we serve.

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