Innovations in Mobility

The emerging future of mobility will be increasingly Personalized, Autonomous, Connected and Electric—PACE.

Operating from this blueprint, we are actively developing solutions designed to anticipate the needs of clients and passengers.

Useful information

Easy-to-use real-time vehicle arrival information and personalized alerts.

One-stop shopping

Convenient mobile payments and ticketing across all available transit services.


Seamless and eco-friendly first/last mile services between destinations.

As the technological revolution creates new options for mobility, Transdev is evolving to deliver solutions to passengers around the globe. We offer a full suite of tailored digital tools that help communities increase the quality of their transit options.


Empower Passengers with a Single App

Our GoMobile information platform helps passengers navigate transit systems with real-time arrival information, schedules, maps, service alerts, a trip planner, and digital ticketing from a single app.


On-Demand Microtransit

Transdev’s microtransit solutions solve the first- and last-mile conundrum by delivering a new layer of on-demand service within an existing public transit network.


Empowering Operators to View and Manage Their Day

With an easy to use app, we enable agencies and operators to manage their day to day activities, like route planning, route diversions, requests for time-off, review of shifts, time sheets and more. Connected Driver helps reduce absenteeism and improve driver satisfaction and performance.


Integrated Mobility Platforms for All Journeys

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Transdev, Cityway delivers sophisticated, customized technology implementations with strong expertise in intermodal trip-planning for MaaS (Mobility as a Service) and systems for first- and last-mile solutions, electronic ticketing, and mobility accounts.


Real-Time Transit Operations Management

Transdev’s proprietary, cloud-based TOM system integrates all operational KPIs from our transit networks into a single dashboard. This comprehensive platform enables us to monitor our quality and performance in real time for safety, on-time performance, labor utilization, maintenance costs, efficiency ratios, and more.


Where's My Ride?

Crystal answers passengers’ perennial question: Where is my ride? Delivering the power of big data to operations of any size, Crystal provides passengers and dispatchers with actionable information on driver on-time performance and vehicle health, safety, and service quality.


Expanding Your Mobility Ecosystem

Launch operations that blend seamlessly with existing mobility solutions, expand connections within your community, and enhance the footprint of public transit. Transdev is at the forefront of autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, capitalizing on decades of management and operational expertise.