Proven Operational Performance

At Transdev, we build on strong processes and harnessing technology to identify opportunities. We use best practices to drive consistent operational performance for our clients and passengers to deliver on safe, reliable service every day.

Proven Operating Performance

Harnessing technology to drive performance and ensure we deliver consistent service quality.

Our solutions are built on best practices gained from managing contracts world-wide in every conceivable operating environment. Clients depend on Transdev’s advanced systems, tools, processes, and technology to improve performance and drive results – and we use our Transdev tools and systems to deliver. We also have strong expertise in the areas of dispatching, service design, run-cut optimization, and more to deliver on the passenger experience.

Vision – A Suite of Tools

Transdev’s Vision Suite provides tools to closely monitor your service, equip employees with information to increase efficiency, and facilitate collecting accurate data to improve service for passengers. This collection of technologies helps us monitor, manage, and improve real-time performance for safety, on-time performance, labor utilization, maintenance costs, efficiency ratios, and more.

Vision – Transdev Operations Management (TOM)

TOM gives our managers the tools, industry best practices, and information to ensure optimal system performance. It helps schedule employees, maintain payroll, track hours and time off, and monitor system efficiency. This performance management resource arms our local leadership with specialized tools, industry best practices, and information to drive optimal performance.

Vision – Command Console

An Operational Performance Monitoring Tool
Transdev’s Command Console aggregates key data for dispatchers, from multiple sources into a single, well designed digital workspace. It provides real-time views of the vehicle status and helps identify, prioritize, and solve issues quickly and effectively – ultimately improving performance and contributing to the passenger experience.

Vision – WURK

Real-time Operational Feedback for Employees
WURK provides individual employee performance metrics to managers and employees. This interface enables productive coaching and positive exchanges based on actual performance, which ultimately elevates employee performance and engagement.

Delivering exceptional customer service

Through the use of dashboards highlighting key performance indicators (KPI), TOM enables us to monitor our performance in real time (hourly, daily, weekly) for safety, on-time performance, labor utilization, maintenance costs, service efficiency ratios and more. Data on our current and historical performance assists our managers to identify performance trends and address issues as they arise.

Dispatch: A core strength

Our comprehensive Transdev Dispatch System (TDS) supports Dispatchers to manage driver resources, track on-time performance in real time and seamlessly manage and pay our drivers. This powerful system manages driver check-ins, assigns vehicles and extra board drivers and records service exceptions to capture a complete picture of the service day.

Service design and run-cut optimization

Utilizing HASTUS and other tools we create efficient runcuts compliant with both labor and regulatory parameters. We carefully manage labor costs and work within the budget constraints of our clients.

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