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Transdev Acquires Voyago Expanding its Footprint for Future Growth in Canada

By April 11, 2019 October 10th, 2019 News

April 11, 2019 — Montreal

Transdev Acquires Voyago Expanding its Footprint for Future Growth in Canada

Denis Gallant, COO, Transdev Ontario and CEO, Voyago; Arthur Nicolet, CEO, Transdev Canada; Theresa Matthews, VP Business Development, Transdev Canada; Perry Ferguson, CEO, Voyago

Transdev Canada announced today the acquisition of Voyago, a leading passenger transportation company based in Ontario, Canada. With this acquisition, Transdev Canada will now have 2,600 employees providing transportation services across Quebec and Ontario and will complete 36 million passenger trips per year. The combined company will have revenues of $141 million (USD) which is $188 million (CAD).

Transdev is proud to integrate Voyago’s many strengths into the suite of services, expertise and technology it offers to clients. Driven by a similar strategic vision, the two companies are combining their complementary strengths, business lines, geographic presence, and capabilities to expand the range of solutions and expertise they can deliver to clients and passengers.

The unified company has ambitious plans to expand in Canada, providing continued excellent service quality and helping clients take advantage of the opportunities unfolding in today’s mobility environment.

Transdev Canada’s activities are currently concentrated mainly in the Montreal area of Quebec and in the Greater Toronto area of Ontario. Key business activities include:

  • Operates multiple modes of transport, including urban and suburban bus, paratransit, school transport (traditional and specialized) and charter services
  • Works under contract with some 20 transit authorities, municipalities and school boards
  • Operates LimoCar, inter-city express bus service between Sherbrooke and downtown Montreal

Voyago is a highly respected family-owned group of transportation companies in Ontario, Canada, with a 40-year history. The Voyago companies operate in several mobility sectors:

  • Student transport (33,000 per day), (Voyago Education)
  • Passenger transport between health facilities, serving 80 hospitals and more than 200 care centers (Voyago Health)
  • Conventional and specialized public transport, as well as charter and limousine services

At the core of this union are shared core values: trust, safety of passengers and employees, performance, innovation and the quality of the passenger experience. As they combine forces, both companies intend to work with a partner-like approach, where each shares with the other its best tools, practices and methods.
Arthur Nicolet, Transdev Canada CEO stated: “I am delighted with this transaction, which will accelerate development and innovation on both sides. We will share best practices and cultivate talent from both companies to strengthen our offers and solutions for clients and passengers. Our teams will integrate and will be the actors shaping new pages of history for these two growing companies.”

Perry Ferguson, Voyago CEO, commented: “We have carried millions of passengers, and now we have the opportunity to join the Transdev group and work together to further grow our footprint and base of business. We are confident that this union is a win-win situation for customers and employees. We are ensuring that the company my parents founded will grow, prosper and even better serve our clients. We are very excited to be moving forward together.”

About Voyago
Voyago started out in London, Ontario some 40 years ago, serving local travel and delivery needs to the community, local airport and those in need of transportation. Today the company operates across Ontario and serves over 50,000 passengers every day with student busing, non-emergency patient transfer, charter services, and community transit.