Transdev, Lead Partner of LA CoMotion Conference, Invites Attendees to Discuss Perspectives on the Mobility of the Future

By November 12, 2018 January 7th, 2020 News

November 12, 2018 — Chicago

Transdev, Lead Partner of LA CoMotion Conference, Invites Attendees to Discuss Perspectives on the Mobility of the Future

During the second annual LA CoMotion expo and festival beginning Thursday, Transdev is inviting participants to its booth to share perspectives on the future of mobility in cities through an interactive idea board that will extend from the show floor to online and social media.

Transdev is a global operator and integrator of public transportation solutions and a leader in autonomous vehicle operations, with contracts in thousands of cities and communities in 20 countries.

Against a backdrop of increasing passenger expectations and the extensive transformation of mobility, Transdev believes that the future of mobility will be ever more Personalized, Autonomous, Connected and Eco-friendly (P.A.C.E.). Cities will move toward a mix of traditional transit along major corridors, plus new on-demand and “micro-transit” services that are more personalized to passenger needs. Apps will become more helpful, accurate and predictive, connecting passengers to the best information at every step in their journey. AV shuttles and electric buses will become more prevalent as part of transit systems. Mobility as a Service (MaaS) options will enable passengers to seamlessly plan, book and pay for any of the modes of transport available in their region through a single app.

“These new options, when well-designed and well-integrated with existing transit offerings, will further optimize the choices and convenience of passengers,” says Yann Leriche, CEO of Transdev North America.

The company invites attendees to visit its booth (Booth 14, Dome 2) and share their perspective on the future of mobility and discuss some of Transdev’s current innovations including:

  • AV shuttle pilots and operations around the world;
  • First/last mile solutions that connect people to transit;
  • Transdev’s GoMobile, an all-in-one passenger app that offers digital fare payments, real-time “where’s my bus” info, and trip planning —that together ensure more seamless, informed trips; and
  • MaaS deployments, like The Mobility Account in Mulhouse France and Triplinx in Toronto.

Mr. Leriche will also join a panel discussion on Thursday at 5:30 pm on the main stage to discuss the integration of public and private transportation modes with seamless experiences for end-users. On Friday at 3 pm, Dick Alexander, EVP of Development and Innovation, will participate in a panel about the evolution of curbs and street space and solving the first- and last-mile issue.

“LA CoMotion is sparking a global dialogue about the urban mobility revolution—and the important role public agencies and innovators can together play in helping people commute with ease and reliability,” said Mr. Alexander. “Transdev is delighted to be a partner of LA CoMotion because we are convinced that solving the transportation challenges of the future requires thoughtful leadership, partnership and innovation.”

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