Dick Alexander

CEO, Transdev U.S.

Dick is responsible for all Transdev subsidiaries and operations in the U.S. This includes contracts for busparatransitstreetcar, rail and light rail services in over 200 cities and communities, encompassing a workforce of close to 16,000 employees.

In his prior role as Transdev Alternative Services President, Dick Alexander oversaw operational services for Waymo, the nation’s leading developer of self-driving cars and trucks. This includes recruiting, training and managing vehicle safety drivers as well as other key roles supporting system testing.

For several years, Dick led Transdev North America’s initiatives to marry innovative technology to the growing mobility needs of cities and communities. In addition to the Waymo partnership, his efforts also have contributed to the extensive piloting of a first-and last-mile app and platform in Tampa, and the pilots of several AV shuttle services in Colorado, Florida and California.

Over his 20-year tenure with the company, Dick led business development efforts to help grow Transdev North America’s business to over $1 billion in revenues through opportunities in the bus, railstreetcarparatransit and brokerage businesses. Dick has strong relationships in the transit industry and has developed partnerships with cities, counties and transit agencies to manage and operate public transit systems, ranging from small start-up projects, to large transportation entities. He also helped pioneer Transdev’s public private operating partnerships in several cities.

Dick has spent his entire career in the transit industry having started as a transportation planner and later becoming a transit system manager. He has a bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning and Design from the University of Cincinnati and a Master of Business Administration from Xavier University.