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The Future of Cities is Polycentric

John Rossant Chats with Transdev Chairman and CEO Thierry Mallet

John Rossant and Thierry Mallet, Chairman and CEO of Transdev, chat about emerging new mobility options for the cities of tomorrow. These cities will be polycentric and need to be redesigned for humans, not cars—all our basic needs will be fulfilled through micromobilty. John and Thierry discuss the need for local governments to regulate mobility, while remaining open to innovation. Thierry Mallet expands upon some of the integration lessons Transdev has learned in developing their global mobility app in the French city of Mulhouse, or on applying autonomous systems to public transit, such as with the autonomous lab in Rouen.


Towards a Shared Autonomous Future

Greg Lindsay Chats with Transdev CEO Yann Leriche

LA CoMotion’s Director of Strategy Greg Lindsay and Yann Leriche, CEO of Transdev North America, chat about how shared autonomous transportation will transform cities. Transdev has a hands-on, experimental approach to inventing the future of mobility. Yann Leriche explains the need to work with cities and develop shared solutions in order to balance out the appeal for autonomous vehicles and the increase in traffic and congestion. Yann and Greg discuss the difference between Europe and the United States in public transit ridership. Transdev is sharing data with transit agencies and developing a global set of alternatives to the private car thanks to Mobility as a Service products.