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Today’s Challenges for Tomorrow’s Mobility

We asked public transit agency leaders from five countries what they care about most. The results were insightful, so we’re sharing the information with you.

In the 2018 Edition, key transit decision-makers from 5 countries—the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Sweden—were interviewed by Ipsos; a worldwide market research firm.

The diversity of public transit policies in economic, demographic, and infrastructure contexts provide a wide-ranging view about the way transit authorities wish to shape mobility in the future. This 5th edition of our survey highlights a major inflection point in many aspects: acceleration of digital solutions, growing importance customer-centricity, interest in last-mile first-mile solutions and more.

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U.S. Transit Leaders Are Committed to Making Transit More Appealing


plan to improve the passenger experience


plan to improve modal integration


plan to offer a diversity of payment channels


plan to use data science to increase knowledge about riders

U.S. Transit Leaders Plan to Be Aggressive in New Mobility


plan to provide passengers a digital platform with all-in-one functionality


plan to focus on MaaS to plan, book and pay for mobility


plan to offer first- and last-mile solutions


plan to test autonomous shuttles
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