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Mobility Change Makers
At Transdev, we are passionate about our Purpose: to empower the freedom to move every day, thanks to safe, reliable and innovative solutions that serve the common good.

We deliver on that purpose through the way we ensure Safety, Service and Reliability for our passengers and customers every day. We recognize our teams who consistently care, share and dare to go the extra mile to ensure we act safely, provide reliable service, and continually innovate. We call these people Transdev Mobility Change Makers. Mobility Change Makers are Nationally recognized Transdev team members who go above and beyond in the way the live and deliver on our Purpose. We celebrate these exemplary employees who make Transdev great. Get to know just a few of our “Mobility Change Makers” below:

Emory Wright Jr. is an operator at JP Transit in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. We’re proud to call him one of our own! He’s recognized for “The Extra Mile”. Congratulation Emory… keep up the great work and thank you for living our Purpose!

Eugene Douglas is an operator in Baltimore, MD. His quick thinking saves lives and keeps passengers safe as they get where they need to be. Thanks for all do Mr. Eugene you make us proud! You live our Purpose every day and we appreciate you!

Chris Bundy

Maintenance Manager at Cincinnati Streetcar

Joe Albach

Working Wayside Foreman at Cincinnati Streetcar

Recognized for  The Extra Mile

Early one morning while performing their daily track maintenance, Chris and Joe observed a group of young people who looked out of place and too young to be without supervision. As they watched for a few minutes, they felt that one of the girls looked familiar. Chris checked his social media feed on his phone and realized that the girl matched the description of a child reported missing earlier by her mother.

Chris and Joe kept the group in sight and followed protocol by alerting their management team and the authorities. When the authorities arrived, they were able to reunite the girl with her mother. Our GM at the location said, “Chris and Joe are two upstanding, exemplary employees. They truly care about this community and go out of their way to maintain strong relationships – with the people they encounter every day.”

Jean Derisma

Bus Operator
at TOR

Claude Joseph

Bus Operator
at TOR

Recognized for  The Extra Mile

On a recent evening, Jean and Claude were operating separate buses, traveling in the same direction on the same busy route when they came upon an accident involving a motorcycle and an SUV.

The rider of the motorcycle had been thrown from his bike and was trapped under the SUV. Jean and Claude saw that the SUV needed to be lifted off the injured rider. They safely pulled their buses over, secured them and advised their passengers of the situation and alerted dispatch. Jean and Claude exited their vehicles, along with several of their passengers and joined a group of motorists who had stopped to assist. After confirming that 911 had been called, the group worked together to lift the SUV off the rider as EMS arrived.

Their calm and focused response helped to avert what could have been a tragic outcome.

Debra Richards

Operator, MTS – Chula Vista, CA

Recognized for  Safety

On a recent evening, as she approached the end of her route, Debra’s only passenger became increasingly more aggressive and erratic. Remaining calm and focused, Debra used her training and followed protocol. She safely pulled her vehicle over at the approved stop, secured it and alerted dispatch. Debra continued to de-escalate the situation.

During the entire encounter, Debra kept her own safety, the safety of her vehicle and her riders as her top priority. She waited patiently with her passengers until a supervisor and emergency support arrived.

Jamie Kerby

Maintenance Technician, Cincinnati Bell Connector – Cincinnati, OH

Recognized for  Reliability

While working in a different role at an area business, our Cincinnati streetcar maintenance manager discovered Jamie’s aptitude and passion for working on technical projects. She had a natural talent, and our manager knew she would be perfect for a job maintaining the streetcar’s unique equipment. Jamie has demonstrated a passion for learning and developing her skills, making her a vital member of the next generation of streetcar maintenance professionals.

Excelling as the location’s first female

Valdon Lewis

General Manager, Grand Valley Transit, Grand Junction, CO

Recognized for  The Extra Mile

Valdon embodies our Transdev Purpose by fostering a strong sense of teamwork and shared commitment to our passengers and our community.

He and his team regularly come in early, stay late and fill in wherever there’s a need – all to ensure that we consistently provide the safe, reliable, and innovative transportation our riders can rely on. Valdon is known for working side-by-side with his team, keeping his licensing up to date and even getting behind the wheel when needed.

The dedication he and his team show for our riders is essential in maintaining an outstanding relationship with our client.

Michelle Beecham

Operator, MTS-San Diego, CA

Recognized for  The Extra Mile

As part of her regular route, Michelle pulled into a bus station, where she noticed a couple sitting on the floor and the woman appeared to be unconscious. Her companion was trying to revive her, and Michelle knew she had to help.

After securing her bus, she alerted dispatch and asked an on-looker to call 911. The emergency operator coached Michelle as she began CPR on the woman, performing chest compressions for almost five minutes. When first responders arrived, the woman was breathing on her own and transported for medical treatment. The ambulance team advised that Michelle’s brave actions saved the woman’s life

Henry Jimenez

Operator, San Francisco Paratransit, San Francisco, CA

Recognized for  The Extra Mile

Henry had an eventful few months, as he bravely went above and beyond for our community on two recent occasions.

While driving his route, Henry noticed a woman on the sidewalk, being physically assaulted by her companion. Henry realized the man had the woman by the hair and was attempting to drag her down the street against her will. Henry pulled his vehicle over, an approached the couple to intervene. The assailant took off running, and the woman confirmed that he tried to abduct her. Henry stayed with the woman, calming her down, until police arrived.

On the next occasion, Henry was driving through an area that often sees open drug use. He saw a police officer kneeling over an unconscious person on the sidewalk, trying to revive the individual. The officer was calling for another dose of naloxone, which is used to reverse opioid overdoses. Because of the drug use in the area, Henry carried the medication as a precaution. He gave the officer his supply and returned to finish his route – on time and without any disruptions to our passengers.

Carissa Mann

Dispatcher, Rockland County TOR, Hillburn, NY

Recognized for  Customer Service

Recently, during a routine vehicle inspection, one of our operators discovered a bag of medications left behind by a passenger. Following protocol, the operator turned the items over to Carissa. None of the medications had a name, so Carissa had to do detective work to find the owner. She located a card from the passenger’s medical center in the bag and contacted them for assistance. The center identified the passengers and let them know that their items had been safely recovered. Another supervisor at TOR delivered the bag to the passenger’s home later that day.

Transdev is about people serving people. We are proud of our employees and welcome the chance to help them shine.