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Transdev Launches Microtransit Service to Support New Partnership with SamTrans

By June 20, 2023 News

June 20, 2023

Transdev Launches Microtransit Service to Support New Partnership with SamTrans

This week, Transdev launched its new partnership with the San Mateo County Transit District (SamTrans) and began operations of its microtransit service called Ride Plus.

Transdev is addressing a long-term need in the East Palo Alto and Half Moon Bay areas by providing on-demand microtransit services to passengers in areas where access to fixed bus routes had been challenging.

Transdev is providing a “turnkey” microtransit operation which includes the management of the vehicles, staff, safety, maintenance, and the customer service call center operations, along with the microtransit application’s technology.

Riders can find all the information they need to book and use the curb-to-curb microtransit service through an easily accessible mobile app called SamTrans Ride Plus. Through the app, passengers can also select their payment modes (cash on-board, tap their Clipper Card, or show a bus pass).

“We are excited to operate this new on-demand service and leverage our proven Microtransit Management Solutions technology, which has been developed by our Innovation Division, Cityway,” said Chloe Spano, Vice President Business Development & Innovation for Cityway by Transdev. “The technology has had proven success through more than 150 deployments globally and we look forward to the positive impact it will have on our new SamTrans passengers,” Spano continued.

Cityway’s experience with Integrated Mobility will benefit this project, ensuring Ride Plus microtransit service is fully integrated with SamTrans’ fixed route system. The on-demand service offers features like scheduled/real-time bus integration times. The integration with the fixed route scheduling ensures the microtransit service feeds into the existing SamTrans system to complement it – not compete with it.

“We believe Ride Plus will help SamTrans achieve its goals of bringing the efficiency and connectivity of transit to Half Moon Bay, East Palo Alto and the Belle Haven neighborhood of Menlo Park,” said SamTrans CEO April Chan. “These areas have historically been difficult to serve with fixed-route bus lines, but with this new affordable and eco-friendly transit option, we’re able to advance transportation equity and provide the benefits of transit to those who need it most.”

“We are really proud to have been selected to partner with the San Mateo County Transit District,” added Mark Elias, Transdev regional vice president for the Northwest region. “As a national mobility solutions provider, Transdev is able to bring innovative operations tools to help improve efficiencies and focus on consistent, positive customer experiences for the passengers. At the end of day, it’s about bringing safe, efficient, and reliable service to our passengers.”