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Texas State University Shuttle Drivers Making An Impact

By May 21, 2023 News

May 21, 2023

Texas State University Shuttle Drivers Making An Impact

Our operations regularly make an impact on the communities we serve by living our purpose.

If you have ever needed a reminder, read on to see how our Texas State University shuttle drivers are making some long-lasting, positive impressions, while serving the common good.

Take a look below at these two driver profiles recently featured by Texas State.

The first driver profile highlights Eloy Collazo, whose natural demeanor regularly makes an impact on the students he transports. Click here to read his feature story.

The second profile highlights our driver Trevor Meyer, a 2023 Texas State graduating student, who works for us and drives the shuttle bus during the school year. He even drove the shuttle to his graduation ceremony, as part of Texas State University’s tradition, when one of our operators happens to be graduating that year. His video profile is available here.

Congratulations to Eloy on his recognition and to Trevor and all the 2023 graduates.