Transdev launches Employee Hub to help engage frontline teams

By August 13, 2020 News

Chicago – August 13, 2020

Transdev launches Employee Hub to help engage frontline teams

Employees at our operations now have a new way to get news and updates about Transdev. Check out our newly launched employee hub which is located as a separate tab on our website.

The employee hub is specifically geared toward drivers, mechanics and other employees who don’t have access to Transdev’s internal news channels, including a company email or the Intranet.

We want to make it easy for them to stay connected to what’s happening across the company. The employee hub profiles events from around our operations with stories about Perfect Safety Day achievements, new contract wins, unique achievements by our team members, coronavirus updates, and more. Visitors to the site also can access links to new job opportunities at Transdev and read about our Mobility Change Maker honorees.

Since the content on this site is public, employees are able to share news stories from the site with friends and family members or post directly to social media.

We encourage you to check it out.