Josh Walker Named GM for Texoma Area Paratransit Services

By April 10, 2017 November 19th, 2018 News

April 10, 2017 — Chicago

Josh Walker Named GM for Texoma Area Paratransit Services

Transdev has named Josh Walker as General Manager of Transdev’s contract with the Texoma Area Paratransit Services, TAPS, in Sherman, Texas. Every day, TAPS links passengers living in a six-county geographical region wider than the state of Connecticut to places of employment, family visits, retail trips and critical medical services.

Walker is familiar with the TAPS service and operations, as he has held several roles in the organization since 2012, first as Director of Safety and Security and eventually as Director of Operations. When Transdev and the TAPS Board of Directors agreed to the public-private operating partnership (PPOP) in March 2016, Walker joined Transdev as the Assistant General Manager. Transdev operates all aspects of the transit system on behalf of Texoma Area Paratransit Services as part of the PPOP relationship. Since then, he has worked diligently with staff and the board to resurrect the shuttered service while implementing a vigorous safety culture and customer service improvements.

A native of the area, Walker spent 10 years as an officer with the Bonham Police Department before he joined the TAPS team.

“Josh has served the community in multiple capacities throughout his career. He is well known and well respected,” said Katrina Heineking, Transdev’s Regional Vice President of the Southwest. “He is the ideal choice for this position. Josh understands the important role TAPS plays in the six-county region and knows how important restoring service—as funding allows—will be beneficial to the transit needs of residents. We expect great things from him.”

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