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Vendor Opportunities

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Transdev has established purchasing practices that allow all qualified vendors to compete for our business on an equitable basis. We currently purchase a wide array of products and services primarily in the area of vehicle maintenance, repair and operation.

Our corporate purchasing department coordinates the sourcing function with our buyers in 120 operating units throughout the United States and Canada, in order to acquire products and services at the best possible value from qualified national, regional and locally-based vendors.

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Registering via this link in our Transdev Vendor Registration System is the first step in our process. Following registration, based on our requirements, your company may be contacted by our corporate purchasing department and asked to complete a Request for Information form. This Request for Information is step two in becoming an approved vendor for Transdev.

Transdev Criteria for Selecting Vendors

Approved vendors will be invited to participate in a competitive bid process. Vendor selection will be based on, but not limited to, our definition of value. Our key components of value include:

  • Unit Cost
  • Quality
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Service
  • Sustainability

We are dedicated to awarding all contracts and purchase orders on a fair and equitable basis, in accordance with our policy not to discriminate against any business enterprise, including any owned or operated by women, minority group members, service-disabled veterans or historically underutilized businesses.

Vendor Obligations

Any terms and agreements provided must be made available to all Transdev divisions and business units.

In addition to being judged on value-added programs, Transdev North America reserves the right to conduct unannounced inspections of suppliers and their business practices, including records, facilities, and private interviews with employees. Plus, suppliers and vendors are asked to adhere to Transdev’s Supplier Charter.

We are committed to treating all individuals with respect and dignity and to be incompliance with relevant laws and standards. Transdev believes all suppliers who are approved to do business with us should follow the same philosophy. Transdev will refuse to approve or do business with those suppliers who do not uphold, in action as well as words, the same principles and standards. These standards include:

  • Compliance with applicable national and local laws and standards, including the Federal Transit Administration.
  • Employment practices that forbid the use of child labor, prison or forced labor, non-discrimination, and that are in compliance with national and local working hour laws.
  • Environmental practices to ensure the safe quality of the air, water, and land we use, including legal disposal of waste and by-products.
  • Diversity programs based on the concept that all suppliers have equal access and opportunity to succeed. We believe that embracing diversity in our choices of suppliers and vendors helps create a competitive advantage for our company and is the right thing to do. This commitment also enables us to better support our communities and local economies.

Supplier Diversity and Historically Underutilized Businesses. — (M/W/D/SBE and HUB)

Transdev North America believes that supplier diversity makes good business sense and we have implemented uniform purchasing and supplier diversity processes across the organization to support both the growth of and increased use of certified business entities. Developing a diverse supplier base encourages job creation, enables purchasing power and builds shareholder equity in the communities in which we serve.

We strongly encourage and support qualified minority, women, service-disabled veteran owned businesses, plus historically underutilized businesses to provide quality services or materials at competitive prices.

To be qualified as an M/W/D/SBE or HUB, companies must be classified and/or certified by the appropriate federal, state and/or local designating agency (see list below). In various cases, the concept of certification reciprocity among the agencies also is considered and accepted by the company. In either case, when we work with a company that is certified in one of the aforementioned business enterprise designations, Transdev always seeks confirmation from suppliers substantiating their firm’s eligibility for their designated area of expertise.

Certifying agencies:
Small Business Administration (
National Minority Supplier Development Council (
Minority Business Development Agency (
General Services Administration (
Association for Service Disabled Veterans (
Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (
Unified Certification Program (