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Passion for the Passenger ExperienceDelivering on Passenger Satisfaction and BuildingRidership

At Transdev, we keep passengers at the heart of everything we do. We strive to deliver safe, reliable, and innovative solutions that empower everyone’s freedom to move. Passenger expectations are rising and Transdev is dedicated to not just meeting but exceeding them—in order to ensure the best possible experience on every trip.

We do this by staying focused on how operational and other decisions affect the rider experience. We invest in technology to improve the passenger experience–from passenger information such as timetables to passenger websites, from mobile ticketing to passenger alerts and everything in between to ensure well-managed operations and quality service.We have a suite of tools to actively solicit and listen to passenger feedback so that we can use the information to continuously improve our operations

Listening to our riders

Transdev has many tools to listen to passenger feedback. Our proprietary customer feedback management program, LISTEN, is designed to record, respond and analyze customer feedback across multiple channels. LISTEN helps our teams and clients consolidate and centralized passenger feedback, manage the investigation process, analyze feedback and provide useful, timely reporting of customer issues and trends. We also have expertise in passenger satisfaction surveys, focus groups, and other listening programs

An Operational Tool to improve the passenger Experience

T.ex, our formal audit of the passenger experience, is a rigorous program and methodology designed to assess all aspects of the customer experience. T.ex deploys multidisciplinary teams and various passenger personas to identify all the opportunities to create a better passenger experience through tangible action plans. Also, our Mystery Traveler program is a customer-centric audit that uses third-party vendors to rigorously measure performance in all aspects of service delivery to passengers. Based on strong training, a quality assurance process, and a tightly controlled data flow in our custom interface, the program enables our teams to have our finger on the pulse of our “real world” performance and ensure rewards or coaching if needed

Engaging with Customers

Our Transdev “Meet the Managers” program is designed to proactively solicit and engage with customers to demonstrate our dedication to understanding feedback. Managers and executives meet passengers at highly trafficked areas of the service to listen to concerns, compliments and suggestions. Our teams document all customer input and ideas for improving service quality. This allows our senior management to better understand how operational decisions impact service from the passenger’s point of view.

Passenger Information for an Informed Ride

Having clear and easy-to-understand passenger information is a critical component to a great passenger experience. That is why Transdev delivers on state-of-the-art passenger websites; printed materials such as timetables, maps, or kiosks; and real-time service alerts in apps, web and social interfaces for many clients across the country. Our MyTransit Managerpassenger app enables passengers to see the status of their paratransit trip and to receive other important information,so they are well informed every step of their trip.