Bus Line Inspection

Providing Added Confidence to our Clients

Having full confidence that your new bus is exactly what you ordered and to your specific standards and specifications before it gets delivered to your location is priceless. You need to be able to trust that your vehicles will be customized to your specifications and that your passengers will be transported safely and reliably in the final products. Transdev acts as a transit authority’s eyes and ears on the assembly line floor during every step of the production process and advocates on your behalf to get the most out of your significant financial investment. in these . We help make transitioning new buses into your fleet more predictable and seamless.

Contracting with Transdev for bus line inspections and Buy America auditing allows our customers to know the entire process will be efficient, reliable and timely, with quality buses that are fully compliant with the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Buy America regulations.

We have performed bus line inspections for more than three decades at manufacturing facilities across the globe and have been asked for input from the FTA on how to properly perform inspections and audits, as required under 49 CFR 663.

What We Offer

Transdev empowers the freedom to move every day, thanks to safe, reliable and innovative solutions. We deliver on that purpose to ensure safe and reliable mobility when we perform bus line inspections, by leveraging our decades of experience in transportation and our solid relationships with vehicle manufacturers.

Our goals throughout the process are in step with our clients:

1. Ensuring Vehicle Safety

2. Timely Bus Delivery

3. Strict Adherence to Vehicle Specifications

4. Adherence to FTA Buy America Regulations

5. Lower Bus Warranty Claims

6. Quick Placement of Buses to Revenue Service

Whether inspecting large fleets or individual vehicles, Transdev focuses on identifying potential defects before vehicles leave the manufacturing plant. We use a unique online system to compile and track all project information throughout each step of the bus inspection process, including documentation, photos, notes and progress reports.

Information can be added, updated and accessed by all stakeholders via our project management platform. By documenting the entire bus inspection process, we ensure open communication between our clients, inspectors and our project managers – keeping the process organized and on track and ensuring project transparency.

Transdev has amassed an impressive record of bus production and secondary in plant quality assurance inspections.

We have experience with inspecting vehicles of all types, sizes, and fuel types including gasoline, diesel, CNG, hybrid, and electric propulsion. The orders have ranged in size from just one to more than five hundred buses.

Some notable experience:

  • Working with more than 60 manufacturing companies across the globe including Portugal, Hungary, Canada, Northern Ireland, Mexico, Scotland and the United States.
  • Experience in providing secondary in-plant quality assurance services on more than 40,000 transit vehicles for more than 2,200 different orders, including battery-electric buses (BEB’s)
  • A time-tested and successfully proven inspection process resulting in numerous satisfied repeat clients.
  • A thorough understanding of the Buy America requirements detailed in 49 CFR 661 and 663.