Women's History Month

Women in Transportation

We depend on the contributions from our outstanding women leaders. Here are some of their stories.

Transdev is encouraging of new ideas and new ways of thinking to innovate. I have been able to blend customer experience, marketing and technology to add value to the lives and experiences of our passengers.

Mitun Seguin
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Washington, DC

Transportation is a male dominated industry and in order to for me to be successful, I have learned how not to compare myself to others, particularly men. The most important things for me to focus on are my team, our production, and how I conduct myself at all times. I believe these are the things that have set me apart and have allowed me to excel in my career.

Charlene Hicks
Operations Manager
Napa, CA

Left, Elizabeth Arbetman, director of talent acquisition, with her colleague, Gaby Garcia, talent acquisition analyst

Being a leader in transportation is a great accomplishment, I relish the daily challenges and look forward to growing with the company as its North American footprint grows. Being with the company for 12 years has provided a platform for growth that has allowed me to truly understand how it feels to be a valued team player and a member of a profession dedicated to service.

Natasha Tyler
Director of Administration
Washington, DC

I started my career in transportation in 2001, by accident. I fell in love with the industry and the ever-changing technologies and opportunities to make a difference. At this stage in my career I find myself in a very different role than when I started all those years ago. The goal, however, remains the same: to make a difference in the lives of our employees, passengers, and general public, through uncompromising safety, employee empowerment, and motivation.

Denise Murphy-Gonzalez
Assistant General Manager
Arcadia, CA

"Women are finding their own place in the boardroom, in the driver’s seat, in the shop and beyond."

It is an amazing time to be a female in the transit industry. I remember when I thought it was a big step forward when people started considering females in the business by handing out both male and female versions of shirts, so I could stop having to wear men’s polos! In some respects, throughout the last 20+ years of my career, it has been necessary to adapt sometimes to “fit in a man’s shirt”. There were times I needed to watch my tone – not too high or with too much enthusiasm as to sound like a “girl”. Needed to have the right balance in meetings – had to be collaborative and be a team player, but not too much or could be labeled as “wishy-washy” and can’t make a decision on her own. Adapting is a necessity in life, in many forms, however, so I’m grateful for the ride.

Women are finding their own place in the boardroom, in the driver’s seat, in the shop and beyond. I am so appreciative for companies such as Transdev, that embrace diversity, and in fact, value it. It’s ok to take on a project with enthusiasm; and take time to listen – really listen to the input of others before making some decisions. We can wear our own shirts with our own branding. There is part of the Trisha Yearwood song, Real Live Woman, that I think sums it up best: “I no longer justify the reasons for the way that I think and behave… and I like it that way…”

Katrina Heineking
Vice President, Southwest Region

One of the great things about working at Transdev is that we have so many different locations that serve so many different people. I work in recruitment and it is interesting to me how many women work across locations in what are perceived as traditional roles. It really is empowering to see the different choices available across our company. At Transdev, your choices are many. I also think it’s very motivating for me, as a young person starting my career, to be able to see women in leadership roles. Along with other leaders, they are able to give me insights that I know will truly help my career.

Gaby Garcia
Talent Acquisition Analyst
Lombard, IL

I started as a bus driver with ATC in October 2001 at the age of 22. I became a Safety Manager in 2010 and Director of Safety and Training in 2015. I really enjoy my career as a safety professional with Transdev. I am proud to tell people what I do and where I work. I always looked at my previous bosses, who were almost all male, and told myself ‘you can do that’. I would set goals and work toward them. I take a lot of pride in my work and try not to make excuses for my failures but rather use them as learning experiences to grow from. I really care about my job, our employees and the public.

Kathleen Carter
Director of Safety and Training
Phoenix, AZ

Above, Samantha Eberling, a diesel mechanic in Denver

It is rewarding to be a woman in transportation in 2018. My career began over 20 years ago as a professional paratransit operator and I’ve mastered different modes of the transit industry and am excited to become involved with the new technologies emerging in the industry.

Arlette Whitley
General Manager
Baltimore, MD

I enjoy working in the IT Field and feel that it is important for women with a background in Technology, to seek out opportunities to mentor and encourage other women and girls to do the same.

Celia Herman
IT Support Tech Administrator
Lombard, IL

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