February 26, 2024

To our Transdev team at Fairfax Connector Fixed-Route Operations

Dear colleagues,

We have seen several misstatements recently reported in the media, so I wanted to take this opportunity to correct a few of those items to ensure you have the facts and are well informed.

The proposed contract offers significant benefits to ATU 689 operators and mechanics. Over 70% of operators would qualify for a financial and benefits package equivalent to $126,000 annually, while 78% of mechanics would qualify for a financial and benefits package of up to $128,000. Included in this amount are the costs of providing annual paid leave benefits. By the end of the company’s proposal, new employees will be eligible for 128 hours of paid leave while the majority of our workforce will receive 392 hours of paid leave, ensuring an appropriate work-life balance.

Proposed Wages and Benefits for Operators:

To clarify these figures further, this means that for operators, the 70% eligibility is based on seniority, particularly those with 6 or more years of service. By the end of the proposed agreement, 70% of operators will reach this threshold, earning an hourly rate of $42.06, totaling $87,484.80 annually in wages alone.

The company’s contribution of 90% towards medical expenses amounts to $8,825,292.00 for the 487 enrolled members, translating to an extra $18,122 per participant annually, or $8.71 per hour. When combined with wages, this totals $50.77 per hour.

Furthermore, those with 6 or more years of service will receive 304 hours of paid time off, adding an equivalent of $6.15 per hour, resulting in a total of $56.92 per hour in wages and benefits.

In addition to wages, healthcare, and paid time off, employees are eligible for up to $1.18 per hour in bonuses and $2.52 per hour in employer 401K contributions. Including these, the hourly rate rises to $60.62, amounting to $126,089.60 annually.

All employees covered by the CBA were subject to the same calculations. As per the company’s proposal, new operators joining Transdev would have a financial and benefits package equivalent to $83,000. This serves as their initial baseline, with the company offering a clearly outlined progression towards earning substantially higher compensation.

Proposed Wages and Benefits for Mechanics:

For our most senior “A Tier Mechanics,” the company is proposing an hourly wage of $47.47 by the end of the contract. The minimum hourly rate for “A Tier Mechanics” would be $45.71. When considering the benefits detailed earlier, the overall hourly rate for mechanics reaches $68.65, resulting in an annual financial and benefits package of $142,791.85.

It’s important to note that this figure pertains specifically to “A Tier Mechanics.” However, when examining our current classification breakdown for mechanics, 78% will, on average, exceed $128,000.00 annually.

Please note these figures represent a conservative estimate proposed by the company. If we were to factor in additional compensation elements, such as anticipated overtime, dental, and vision contributions, these numbers would rise accordingly.

I want you to know how much I appreciate the work everyone does to serve our community. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to a manager, or feel free to reach out to me directly by e-mail or through the comment box located in each lunchroom.



Chad Hockman

Area General Manager



NOTE: This message is intended to respond to Press/Media misstatements and is not intended to undermine, interfere with, or bypass the ATU as your exclusive collective bargaining representative. We continue to respect and bargain in good faith with the ATU in order to reach an agreement. A copy of this was sent to the ATU prior to distribution.





ATU 689 Strikes Despite Transdev’s Generous Offer for Fairfax Connector


Fairfax, VA, February 22, 2024 — Transdev was disappointed over ATU 689’s decision to initiate a strike, despite a generous offer from Transdev. This unexpected action has had a severe impact on the community, particularly those who depend on the Fairfax Connector for their daily transportation needs. Transdev put forth a comprehensive proposal that includes significant wage increases, healthcare benefits, retirement savings, bonuses, guaranteed minimum hours, and additional perks tailored to employees of all experience levels.

Because both Transdev and ATU understand their critical role to the Fairfax community, we chose to involve an independent federal mediator to aid in negotiations. During negotiations, the mediator indicated that they thought this was a fair offer from Transdev.

Under the proposed contract, over 70% of ATU 689 operators would be eligible to receive an economic package of $126,000 in annual pay and benefits. Similarly, 78% of the ATU mechanics will be eligible to receive $128,000 annually in pay and benefits. These figures underscore Transdev’s commitment to its valued employees. Notable features of the proposed package include:

Competitive Wage Increases: As Transdev is committed to fair compensation, the proposal includes a substantial 19.5% increase over a 36-month agreement, acknowledging the hard work and dedication of our workforce.

Enhanced Healthcare Coverage: 90% of healthcare expenses covered, ensuring that employees have access to quality medical care without bearing undue financial strain.

Comprehensive Health and Wellness: 50% coverage for dental and vision expenses, promoting holistic health coverage for our employees.

Rewarding Excellence: Employees stand to receive bonuses of up to $5,300 per year, honoring achievements in safety, attendance, and fostering overall excellence.

Guaranteed Minimum Hours: All drivers guaranteed a minimum of 40 hours per week, affording predictability and stability in schedules.

Secure Financial Future: The 401(k) plan features a generous matching program, with the company matching 100% of employee contributions up to 4% of wages and an additional 50% match for contributions between 4-8% of wages, empowering employees to plan effectively for their financial future.

Improved Work-Life Balance: An increase in paid holidays to 11 and an average of two additional sick days across all seniority levels, recognizing the paramount importance of work-life balance and employee wellbeing.

Enhanced Resources for Mechanics and Operators: Increases in uniform and tool allowances to ensure mechanics and operators have the necessary resources to perform their duties safely and effectively.

Transdev remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering a positive and supportive work environment, where employees are valued, respected, and fairly compensated. The proposed benefits package underscores our dedication to meeting the needs of our workforce and ensuring their continued success and satisfaction.

As negotiations progress, Transdev looks forward to engaging in constructive dialogue with ATU 689 representatives to achieve a mutually beneficial agreement that prioritizes the well-being and interests of all parties involved.





About Transdev:

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