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Our Commitment to Health and Safety:

We are supporting our clients as together we restore service. We have institutionalized rigorous processes and protocols to protect passengers and employees. This vigilance for health safety is our top priority, since coronavirus is still in our collective midst.

1. Protecting Interactions with Passengers

Keeping our employees and passengers safe requires constant diligence. Our strategies and actions include:

  • All Transdev drivers are required to wear masks and other protective personal equipment. We provide employees with masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, wipes, and in many cases, face shields.
  • Providing drivers with personal health and safety cleaning kits to spot-clean high-touch areas on the vehicles, such as the fare boxes and handrails.
  • Installing plexiglass shields or “cabins” to protect drivers, which is key as transit systems resume front door bus boarding and fare collection.

2. Managing Social Distancing on Vehicles

Transit agencies are setting maximum passenger limits to ensure sufficient space between people. We manage and control passenger loads on our vehicles; typically limiting to 30% occupancy. Our strategies and actions include:

  • Dispatching a relief bus when a scheduled vehicle reaches capacity.
  • Closing seats to ensure adequate spacing on-board.
  • Clearly communicating to passengers what is expected for shared safety.
  • Actively monitoring and analyzing passenger count data to make service adjustments.
  • Encouraging social distancing for passengers waiting at bus stops.
  • Limiting scheduled passengers in paratransit vehicles.

3. Ensuring Clean and Safe Vehicles

Passengers and employees can trust that our vehicles are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly for our shared safety. Our strategies and actions include:

  • Overnight deep cleaning and disinfection of all vehicles, following a master checklist.
  • Interim cleaning and disinfecting vehicles during the day.
  • Drivers verify cleaning and disinfection requirements were met on their daily vehicle pre-trip inspections.

4. Ensuring Strict Protocols for Employee Health

Keeping our employees safe keeps our passengers and community safe. Our strategies and actions include:

  • Cleaning high-contact, common surfaces in breakrooms and other shared spaces in our facilities multiple times a day.
  • Implementing social distancing for employees while on site, including team meetings, dispatch check-in, at maintenance bays, etc.
  • Nonstop reinforcement of best practices such as handwashing, masks, etc.
  • Working with many clients to conduct employee temperature checks.
  • Encouraging people to stay home if they experience any symptoms or feel sick.
  • Following strict rules for internally communicating any cases of COVID-19, including employee notifications and return-to-work clearances.
  • Deep cleaning vehicles, offices, maintenance shops and facilities in case of exposure.

We are all in this together

To stay healthy takes continual dedication, effort and action on the part of our employees, passengers, clients and the communities we serve. Together we can work to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible.