François Regembal

Chief Safety and Quality Officer

François Regembal

François is a seasoned professional in the transportation industry with extensive experience both in operations and business development. He has successfully led many key strategic business development efforts including contract renewals and new contracts. François also has extensive technical expertise in the areas of safety, sustainability, fleet and maintenance management, and optimizing operational performance. These competencies were strengthened while serving for six years as Transdev’s Global Technical and Operations Director based in Paris.

Francois oversees our safety programs and initiatives, as well as our fleet and maintenance teams, software and execution. He oversees our scheduling and run-cutting team and manages this important aspect of our business serving our contract locations.

His responsibilities for quality assurance and business improvement are focused on cultivating best practices, and strengthening our operating models, methods, measurements and systems. He is passionate about ensuring that we are genuinely and continually improving our operational performance and keeping our promises to clients. To support these goals, he also manages our lean management practices and implementations and our project management office.

François started his career in transportation as a General Manager of Transdev’s contract in Nancy, France, before moving to Los Angeles, where he spent seven years as business development manager and Regional Vice president in charge of the southwest region. Prior to that, he worked for 10 years with a global construction firm managing projects as varied as highways, large office buildings and more. He lived in multiple countries during these years including Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Japan and France.

His degrees are in Civil Engineering and Business Management.