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Public transit continues to serve
a vital function.

It's not enough to talk about saving the environment. Action is required. As first evidence of a global climate shift begin to emerge, public transport continues to serve a vital function minimizing mobility’s environmental impact. This function will only increase as the urban-settling trend continues. Transdev considers this corporate responsibility—to serve as stewards of our planet—as one of its Core beliefs.

Providing a transport service that is efficient and reliable ensures sustainable mobility. The goal is to remove carbon dioxide from the environment by removing cars from the road. Instituting behavior changes—persuading commuters to go car free in favor of public transit—is simple when gas prices are at historic highs. When it’s cheap to fuel up the car, as it has been lately, the network needs to be flawless and offer a viable alternative for the environment-denting commute by car.


Transdev is pioneering alternatives to open access to public transit for new riders. We are a global leader in Autonomous Vehicle operations and are preparing to bring the efficiencies we’ve witnessed in Europe to North America. And our Transdev Link mobile solution helps transit agencies solve the complicated first-mile, last-mile conundrum of getting passengers in underserved areas to bus stops and train stations.

Transdev excels in delivering exceptional and efficient operations for our clients and are proud of our commitment to lowering the carbon footprint of transportation. It’s part of a dedicated culture that we’ve cultivated to respect our role in solving a daunting dilemma. Together, we can improve our planet for future generations of passengers.

Transdev North America is the largest private sector operator of multiple modes of transit in North America, providing bus, rail, paratransit, shuttle, sedan and taxi services. We manage over 200 transportation contracts for cities, transit authorities and airports, providing safe and sustainable mobility solutions. Our mission is to improve public transportation, to enhance quality of life and combat global warming.

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