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New Solutions for a New World:
Transdev’s First-Mile / Last-Mile Solution

At Transdev, we want to help our clients increase ridership by linking current and prospective passengers with bus stops and train stations. This first/last mile conundrum has routinely stymied public transit agencies. But our new solution, TransdevLINK, harnesses technology to put that solution within the tap of a finger.

Hillsborough Area Regional Transit was seeking a ride-sharing solution that could help transport residents—who are typically unable to access the public transit system based on the existing network—from their home to four targeted bus stops. The service will also provide rides to deliver them home when their bus trip concludes. The subsidized ride shares will cost residents $3 each way.
Transdev introduced the new app and service to HART in Tampa, Florida in November 2016. The digital platform’s first location is already gaining rave reviews in a few pilot locations. Plans are underway to expand the service to other locations in the HART service area soon. In the HART program, residents located within a three-mile radius of select bus stops can order on-demand shared rides for outgoing and incoming public transit trips from their smartphone or calling a traditional phone line. ADA-complaint vehicles are also available upon request to ensure equitable access for all.
 First-mile last-mile solutions are desirable because they open up public transit access to residents who typically fall outside of the system’s scope based on geographical limitations of the transit network. Traditional for-hire providers are often too expensive to justify the expense of the short ride. The subsidized rides give transit access to residents and increase ridership for public transportation agencies.
“What we are creating is an answer to a question that has plagued transit agencies for years,” said Executive Vice President of Business Development Dick Alexander. “This new app is a tool that expands the boundaries of any transit network and offers affordable access to public transportation options. It’s a win for residents. It’s a win for transit agencies. It’s a win for everybody.”

Transdev North America is the largest private sector operator of multiple modes of transit in North America, providing bus, rail, paratransit, shuttle, sedan and taxi services. We manage over 200 transportation contracts for cities, transit authorities and airports, providing safe and sustainable mobility solutions. Our mission is to improve public transportation, to enhance quality of life and combat global warming.

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