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SmartDrive is a video event based recorder installed on the majority of Transdev's fleet and it is used to train and coach operators. The event recorder is activated when pre-set G-forces are exceeded, generating a video clip. The clips help safety and operations identify behaviors, such as unsafe following distance, that can be addressed through one on one coaching sessions before they turn into an accident.

An Invaluable Safety Training Tool

  • SmartDrive clips are used in driver training and safety meetings. Clips of relevant driving situations and errors are used to assist in training drivers, providing a basis for drivers to discuss alternate safe methods they might employ under the same circumstances.
  • Recorded videos from drivers at each of our locations are downloaded and provided to our local managers and safety teams for review. The recorded videos are used for analyses, reports, and coaching tips for drivers, and are invaluable safety training tools.
  • SmartDrive clips can be used to retrain a driver who has been involved in an accident in an effort to demonstrate what he or she did wrong and how he or she could have avoided the accident in the first place.
  • In addition to the usefulness of the video clips, when the video event recorder is triggered, a light blinks to alert the driver. This is intentional, so the driver knows that what he or she did activated the recorder, and can aim to avoid repeating that behavior in the future.

Many examples of reductions of risky driving behavior through the use of SmartDrive are documented at

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