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Maintenance Training

It is our goal to have safe, clean and ready-to-use buses waiting to be taken out by our drivers each day. Maintenance can sometimes be taken for granted and only addressed when there is a problem. We are vigilant about maintenance at all times, because we believe that excellent maintenance is a cornerstone of our service to our customers. We are also keenly aware of the crucial role that maintenance plays in safety.

Our ability to provide superior service relies heavily on the knowledge and skills of our maintenance teams. New technology and advances in tools, electronics and alternative fuels contribute to constant change in the world of our mechanics. Staying on top of all these changes requires high quality, ongoing training. A quality maintenance program must include the training to keep pace with these continual improvements.

We invest in ongoing training for lead mechanics, shop foremen, lead supervisors, maintenance managers and directors. For the mechanics and shop foremen, we focus on ensuring they can effectively maintain and repair brakes, electrical and HVAC systems, drive trains, diesel engines, steering and suspension, and conduct PMIs. For managers and directors, training is enhanced to help them manage our Maintenance Software programs, and continue development of financial, decision-making and people management skills.

In all these areas, we provide both on-the-job training and regularly scheduled classroom training. Too often maintenance organizations rely heavily on vendors as their primary means of technician training. It is Transdev’s belief that while this training is important, it does not teach the integration of systems or the best practices of being a good technician. For these reasons we’ve invested in the development of the Transdev Technical Assistance (TTA), a training program custom designed for maintenance managers and directors, to continually build their technical and managerial skill levels.

In our training campus outside Chicago and a host of other training environments, we have very capable maintenance trainers whose job is exclusively focused on teaching proper maintenance techniques.

At least twice a year we gather all our maintenance directors from across the country for three days of training. The in-depth curriculum emphasizes an exchange of ideas, solutions, and challenges. These forums have been extremely well-received by our people. The Training section of our website provides more information about our technical and management training programs.


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