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Extensive Training Programs

Our corporate training program provides education on the latest industry technology, information and trends. Transdev has developed branded, copyright-protected programs that combine our vast operating experience with the most modern and effective training methods available today.

We have a highly experienced training department, which has developed a comprehensive training strategy consisting of a Technical Track (Transdev's “Technical Advancement Program” that contains multiple courses and programs for mechanics and maintenance directors), a Managerial Track (Our “Management Advancement” program) with multiple courses and programs for supervisors and managers, a Safety Track (Our “Operator Development” program) that builds a culture of world class safety, and a Customer Service Track that equips drivers to enhance the passenger experience.

We understand that there is a direct correlation between the investment we make in the development and execution of quality training, and the performance and capabilities of our people. Below is a sampling of our training programs.

Safety Training

We invest heavily in safety training in order to assist employees in developing the skills necessary for them to successfully perform their duties and to advance their careers. Our Operator Development Program was custom-designed for Transdev by a nationally renowned training development organization. This comprehensive program consists of 22 DVDs, facilitated sessions and discussions, tests, and certificates. Well-received by our drivers and our Transit Authority clients, the program focuses on all aspects of driving, with a specific focus on safety. It incorporates sound and innovative principles of adult learning. This program is just one component of a comprehensive culture focused on “World-Class Safety.” For more information, please see the Safety section of this website.

Customer Service Training

Caring for our customers is a key element that makes the difference between a mediocre riding experience and a wonderful one. Our employees receive state-of-the-art training in customer service and care. We know that helpful, friendly drivers and staff make a major contribution to overall customer satisfaction, and are often the single most important part of a customer’s experience.

Once trained, our employees are able to provide assistance and helpful information to both new and seasoned passengers of a transit system, as well as to manage problematic situations in a fair yet firm manner when they occur.

Paratransit operators, supervisors and reservation agents also receive customer service training in how to sensitively interact with persons with disabilities. This training program focuses on respectfully and appropriately listening, communicating and meeting the needs of our customers, and keeping them at ease regardless of the situation. We have involved community agencies, the disability community, riders and our Transit Authority clients in designing and executing this program.

Training for Dispatch and Call-Center Reservations

Taking calls for reservations and dispatching vehicles require the ability to combine the use of technology with customer service and listening skills. Because Transdev has made significant investments in the technology that operates our Fixed Route, Rail and Paratransit services, our training is designed to enable our people to fully utilize the technology, and to blend their technology skills with old-fashioned values of caring for passengers. We have also developed technical training programs specifically designed for Trapeze and RouteMatch software to ensure the optimum use of the tools available.

Training for Maintenance Teams

Since our ability to provide superior performance depends on the competence of our maintenance organization, we invest heavily in on-going training for our entire maintenance team including lead mechanics, shop foremen, lead supervisors, maintenance managers and directors. We provide both on-the-job training and regularly scheduled classroom training. The Veolia Technical Advancement Program (VTAP) is custom-designed for the mechanics and shop foremen. Our focus is on teaching proper methods of preventative maintenance, plus enhancing their ability to handle ongoing maintenance and repair of brakes, electrical and HVAC systems, drive trains, diesel engines, steering and suspension, and hybrid technology to name a few. For managers and directors, training is enhanced to help them manage our Maintenance Software programs, and continue development of financial, decision-making and people management skills.

Management and Supervisory Training

Transdev supports each leader within the management team with targeted training and development throughout his or her career with a program called the Veolia Management Advancement Program (VMAP). This program consists of a series of specialized training courses targeted at our management team and designed to support individuals as they progress through a management career. VMAP includes training programs in managing people, running effective meetings, conflict resolution, performance and change management, building teamwork, project management and effective hiring.

To support all our managers in creating an environment where there is respect for each other and freedom from harassment and discrimination, we regularly deliver training programs on “Managing Within the Law” and “Harassment Prevention.”

To support our general managers in cultivating a culture that instills professionalism the “Transdev Way,” we have invested heavily in the Transdev Leadership Program. This program starts with a week-long session aimed at developing the management and leadership skills of our general managers. Developed in conjunction with the Center for Urban Transportation Research and the University of South Florida, the program encompasses all the major aspects of leading a transit organization, including financial management, safety and maintenance management, performance management, industry trends, and presentation skills.

Ongoing Informal Training

Given the importance of training at Transdev, we also regularly offer ongoing informal and functional training. This enables us to take every opportunity to provide up-to-date-information to employees. Through programs created for our field staff and often delivered via web-cast, we offer courses to keep our people educated about current processes, best practices, regulations and requirements. Representative topics we have covered in Webinars or WebEx meetings include: proper interviewing techniques; managing HealthCare annual enrollment; changes in the Family Medical Leave Act; effective local recruiting techniques, and more.

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