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The Sun Never Sets on Our Rails

As the first beams of sunshine peak over the Atlantic Ocean horizon, passengers wait to board the Tri-Rail Train that provides commuting options for 14,000 daily riders. The railways along the Treasure Coast of Southern Florida provide crucial links to jobs along the 76-mile corridor that links West Palm Beach to Miami International Airport with a total of 18 stations

As the first beams of sunshine peak over the Atlantic Ocean horizon, passengers wait to board the Tri-Rail Train that provides commuting options for 14,000 daily riders. The railways along the Treasure Coast of Southern Florida provide crucial links to jobs along the 76-mile corridor that links West Palm Beach to Miami International Airport with a total of 18 stations.
Around the world, Transdev delivers commuting options to help grow communities and the economy. Two new light-rail systems in Barcelona have kept cars from cluttering downtown arteries in rush hour. Our operation in Wellington, New Zealand, is drawing raves for its stellar performance, mirroring our success in Auckland. Our operation on Seoul’s Subway Line 9 started in 2009 and the contract was extended for another decade only four years later. Transdev was trusted to operate Mumbai’s Metro line, No. 1 in 2014. In 2020, we will begin operations of Edmonton’s new Valley Line light-rail extension, providing a connection from distant suburbs to the city center.
Our global success—despite strong competition—is rooted to three main principles: safety, reliability and efficiency. No matter where we operate, from Dublin to Sydney, safety is the uncompromising goal that dictates every action and policy we create. Transdev understands that a reliable rail system is predicated on service frequency and travel times. Only in a predictable system can you expand upon a core ridership base. Developing commuting solutions people can rely on means developing a rapport with the public and consistently delivering the highest level of service.   Finally, we promise both quality and efficiency in our operations, -- which is the heart of the promises we make and strive to keep.
Safety isn’t a buzzword, it’s our Credo (deepest conviction) and the bedrock of our culture. In every contract we operate we implement global best practices culled from 25 successful rail contracts on five continents and decades of exceptional rail service throughout the world.
We don’t subscribe to the theory that regulatory requirements are sufficient. Transdev aims to exceed them. We work closely with local, regional and national safety professionals and regulators, including the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) to ensure our compliance and delivery is to the high standards.
One of the our most important initiatives has been the development of our corporate rail System Safety Program Plan, which expands upon our local system safety plans already in place at our operations. These plans establish the necessary framework to implement and execute a comprehensive suite of safety initiatives that target heightened and rigorous standards and measures, effective training and programs for employee engagement.  All must meet FRA and/or FTA standards and we are skilled at helping our clients achieve these essential regulatory approvals.
We also focus on our rigorous audit program at every modal location across the nation. Through this audit program, we inspect our rail operations and implement changes and upgrades wherever necessary. These audits provide clear overviews of our operations and help us to benchmark achievements and improve performance.    
Our commuter rail teams are already meeting or exceeding the Federal Railroad Administration requirements for Critical Operating Rules Tests. This is a formalized rail industry technique for evaluating safety-critical employees’ understanding of the meaning and application of operating rules and practices. We place a great deal of emphasis on these important evaluations and work diligently to remedy any issues that are identified.
We have developed a crucial information exchange for our rail teams across the globe. The exchange provides us a wealth of operational expertise in systems that are even more complex than U.S.-based networks. This portal to a highly experienced network of established experts in the rail industry is a tremendous asset that we can deploy in solving any and all issues that arise throughout the course of global operations. The collaboration and support from our colleagues in global operations has helped position Transdev as one of the safest rail operators in the world.
Passenger Care
Our motto: Safety First. Customer Service Always. Transdev understands that with the growing number of on-demand transit options, quality customer care could be the deciding factor between a rail trip or an alternative.
The passenger experience is one of the first areas we explore opportunities for potential improvement when awarded a contract. Transdev reaches out to start conversations with our passengers to determine how we can improve each and every journey.  From helping clients redesign schedules to provide better connections  to ensuring impeccable communication during major sporting or other events, our  commitment is to the highest levels of customer service.
Maintenance of Vehicles and Track Infrastructure
Our rail expertise extends beyond operations.
Cities and regions face growing costs associated with managing and maintaining high quality public transportation. As traffic congestion continues to clog urban avenues—and with a population shift back to dense city centers—the popularity of public transit options continues to grow. The added infrastructure burden of additional service and ridership leaves many agencies looking to outsource railway infrastructure maintenance.
Our subsidiary, VTMI, is a leader in responsible track maintenance, project oversight and construction for freight and passenger rail service. We provide maintenance of track infrastructure for TriRail in Miami, Metrolink in Los Angeles and other clients via multi-year contracts. We are experts in managing costs, overseeing the efficiency of projects and ensuring continued safety of employees and passengers.
In addition, Transdev maintains the vehicles on many rail networks across the globe in Germany, France, Sweden, Australia, and the U.S. In other instances, we rigorously manage partners or sub-contractors that perform vehicle maintenance on our behalf. Regardless of the arrangement, we are accustomed to delivering clean, reliable, and well-maintained equipment to ensure that full services are run each day, and passengers can ride in safety and comfort.
Transdev is prepared to be the sole provider of all aspects of rail systems.


Transdev North America is the largest private sector operator of multiple modes of transit in North America, providing bus, rail, paratransit, shuttle, sedan and taxi services. We manage over 200 transportation contracts for cities, transit authorities and airports, providing safe and sustainable mobility solutions. Our mission is to improve public transportation, to enhance quality of life and combat global warming.

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