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Driver Relations

Our service and performance as a quality transportation provider are only as good as our employees and our independent contractor drivers – and how well everyone in our organization collaborates together to take care of customers.

Driver Relations

The majority of our drivers are independent operators, which means we have to customize our programs to respect their status as independent business people, yet ensure that they meet our standards for service, safety and other key areas. We offer our independent contractors different types of contracts and services, depending on whether they supply their own vehicle or permit or not. We offer attractive financing terms to contractors who are interested in financing a new vehicle.

We are committed to being known among operators as an innovative and progressive company focused on operators as both business partners and key customers. To ensure that we retain the drivers we contract, we provide them with high levels of service, just as we expect them to provide excellent service to our passengers. We hold regular driver meetings to maintain open communications, identify and correct problems, and continue to work together to improve service.

Driver Recruiting

Our focus is to attract quality people who share our commitment to customer satisfaction, safety and service.

The professionalism a driver brings to the job will determine, in a large part, the quality of service provided. We use a seven-step screening and hiring process for drivers. This thorough and multi-faceted process includes a written application, in-person interview, reference checks, motor vehicle records check, criminal background check, rigorous road tests, drug test, and training.

Driver Training

Our operator training program has been tailored to respond to the particular dynamics of the taxicab industry. It includes all the major areas of responsibility and familiarizes operators with our proprietary systems and processes. We ensure that all operators are well versed in all requirements and regulations of our clients. Our goal as a provider of transportation services is to always go above and beyond expectations and provide service which far surpasses any minimal compliance level.

Appearance Standards

All of our drivers are required to maintain high appearance standards at all times. This includes both the personal appearance of the driver (clothing) as well as the cleanliness of the vehicle, both inside and out.

Safety Monitoring

To ensure operators comply with the procedures and policies taught in the training program, managers make periodic road observations of each operator. These observations are used to determine if any additional training is required. If serious driving errors or customer service issues are noted, they are handled immediately. Immediate action will be taken if a driver is driving in a manner that may cause legitimate concern to passengers.

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