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100 Years of Operating Experience

Transdev North America has years of experience in the taxicab business. We are the largest operator of taxicab services in Baltimore, Denver, Pittsburgh and Kansas City.

We also operate taxicabs in the greater Washington DC area, including the Washington Flyer service at Dulles International Airport in Washington, DC, and Sun Taxicab in Montgomery County. Our goal is to continue to grow by expanding to more cities, and to set the standard as the highest quality taxi service in the industry.

In the taxicab business, we have two customers: the back-seat customer (the passenger) and the front-seat customer (the driver). We strive to provide excellent service to both of these customers, and to exceed the expectations of the hotels, hospitals and other business clients and local transportation authorities that rely on us. We understand the taxi business and know how to deliver the highest quality of service, engaging both lease drivers and owner operators as partners.

There are several advantages that differentiate us from our competitors. One is our experience managing taxis. We have been in the business for over 100 years, beginning with the Yellow Cab Company of Baltimore in 1909. Another advantage is our scope; we operate approximately 2,400 taxis in the United States, and our 24-hour call centers receive over 7 million calls and dispatch 5.5 million trips per year. Over the last ten years, we have developed proprietary systems and controls for dispatching, cashiering, driver services, customer service, safety, technology and more, enabling us to provide extremely reliable service to our customers.

And because of our relentless focus on delivering top quality service and implementing best practices in taxi operations, Yellow Transportation Baltimore, Colorado Cab in Denver, Pittsburgh Transportation and Kansas City Transportation Group hold the largest market share of any company in their respective markets.

We are continuing to innovate in our taxi businesses. We introduced alternative fuel taxis, including hybrid and propane taxis, into our fleets in 2008. We branded these taxis with an environmentally friendly look and have received a great deal of press and media attention for doing our part to help the planet. We use the most updated and modern computer dispatching systems in the industry. We have developed sophisticated direct billing services for our corporate customers, hospitals, hotels, universities and other clients. We can offer customized debit/credit cards to enable clients to manage their costs and offer a convenience to those on their staff who are authorized to use taxis.

We are constantly working to ensure that our drivers have the finest tools available in order to provide the best and most punctual service in every city in which we operate. We offer service to the disabled community and the elderly in partnership with city paratransit services, Medicaid and other government and private entities in the healthcare field.

Baltimore Yellow Cab

The Yellow Cab Company was created in 1909. It is the oldest Yellow Cab service in the US and Baltimore’s oldest and largest taxicab company, serving approximately 5 million people annually with a fleet of nearly 700 vehicles. Our taxicab service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year in Baltimore City (under the names Yellow, Checker and Sun Cabs) and Baltimore County (Jimmy’s Cab).

Over the years, the company was a pioneer in many areas, being the first to hire African American drivers, the first to hire female drivers, and the first to implement a number of radio, dispatch and other communications-oriented technologies. The company has a longstanding relationship with Penn Station, and we have provided them with curb dispatching and taxicab service for many years. Yellow also provides exclusive cab stands in Baltimore to a number of other major hotels such as the Hyatt and the Marriott, and medical centers in the Baltimore area, such as Johns Hopkins University Medical Center and the University of Maryland Medical Systems.

We are active partners with government agencies in all our markets to serve the elderly, disadvantaged and disabled. We are very experienced in all provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and are proud of the service we provide and the partnerships we maintain with local government agencies.

Colorado Cab - Denver

Yellow Cab Denver, Boulder and Ft. Collins traces its roots back to taxi companies that started in Denver in the 1930s. Our Yellow Cab brand has been continuously maintained for over 70 years, and currently we operate over 500 taxicabs in Colorado. Our call center manages and dispatches over 1.5 million calls per year, serving more than 5 million passengers per year. Yellow also operates at Denver International Airport as both an outbound and an inbound taxicab provider.

We have an impressive list of customers for whom we provide excellent service. Yellow Cab serves businesses from hotels to health care centers and many more. We manage year round transportation for the Pepsi Center, maintaining on site staff to expedite ground transportation for sporting and entertainment events. During basketball and hockey seasons our cab stand operates five nights a week. We provide similar services at Invesco Field during Broncos home football games and for the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field. We have close working relationships with many hospitals and medical centers throughout the area. For large conventions, Yellow Cab is the choice for managing ground transportation; we often operate cab stands at the Colorado Convention Center for large convention events.

We have also developed an innovative series of programs that support our community. For example, we provide Holiday Voucher Programs, partnering with well-known Colorado companies like Coors to provide transportation from bars and restaurants on key holidays, including St. Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July, and New Year’s Eve, ensuring that taxi vouchers are available so people get home safely at the end of the night’s festivities.

We are very proud of the service we provide to medical patients, the elderly and disabled. We operate Colorado’s largest fleet of accessible taxis, and in partnership with agencies like Medicaid and RTD, we transport people to cancer treatments, dialysis and many different types of medical appointments. Our drivers are trained to care for passengers with sensitivity and compassion.

Pittsburgh Transportation Group

Pittsburgh Transportation Group is the largest independent transportation provider in the Pittsburgh region, having been in business over 90 years. Operating more than 800 vehicles in seven divisions, the company is equipped to handle any size transportation event. Taxis, Cadillac sedans, vans, limousines, and shuttle buses (21, 25, 38 and 44 passenger vehicles) are available.

In 2008, Pittsburgh Transportation Group was acquired by Transdev North America. This sale has enabled us to enhance our taxicab operations in the area, as well as allowing us to start a shared-ride service. It has also helped create synergies by combining the taxicab service in Pittsburgh with Transdev’s local paratransit service.

Yellow Cab is also instrumental in the smooth execution of community events in Pittsburgh, providing transportation to and from the convention center. Our convention “Ambassadors” are on-site – often in the registration area – to assist attendees in securing taxi service. We also provide our drivers with alerts that outline attendees’ check in/check out times and let them know when visitors are going to be “out and about” and need taxi service. Yellow Cab has voucher payment and direct billing arrangements with many corporations, and offers prepaid coupon books to area hospitals.

We also partner with many charitable organizations through Yellow Cab. Drivers pick up and deliver donations each year from a variety of locations for the Martin Luther King Food Drive. The company also partners with Sisters’ Place (a service for homeless women and children) and Bradley House (a home for children that are wards of the state), delivering toys at Christmas. The Muscular Dystrophy Association is provided cab top advertising space to build awareness and support for its annual fundraiser.

Key restaurants in the area (Hard Rock, Mortons and Capital Grille) partner with the company, educating drivers about their menus and offerings. We have an annual barbeque where members of the hospitality community (hotels, attractions, and restaurants) set up tabletop displays to educate drivers, so that drivers can provide information to visitors.

To ensure good communication and resolution of issues, the corporate office holds quarterly “Driver Forums” to discuss with drivers the issues they face in providing service to the community.

Kansas City Transportation Group

Kansas City Transportation Group (KCTG) is Kansas City's largest full-line ground transportation company, as well as the largest private-passenger ground transportation service in the Midwest. With a fleet of more than 400 vehicles and a staff of over 650 transportation professionals, KCTG is uniquely qualified to provide area businesses and their visitors with the highest quality ground transportation services available, including taxi, bus, shuttle and limousines. In 2007, Transdev acquired Kansas City Transportation Group, adding it to its growing network of taxicab providers throughout the country.

In Kansas City, Yellow Cab holds exclusive agreements with many leading hotels in the city. We also provide transportation services for Saint Luke’s Health Systems, which has six hospitals in the Kansas City metropolitan area. And we exclusively serve eight major school districts in the Kansas City area.

Our Kansas City taxi team supports many innovative community events as well. During the spring and fall “Crawl for Cancer” community fund-raising events, our vehicles are used to transport guests between bars and pubs, and taxi vouchers are provided to take people home safely after the parties.

Washington Flyer at Dulles International Airport

Transdev was awarded a contract in 2007 to operate as a taxicab provider at Washington Dulles International Airport under the Washington Flyer name. Washington Flyer is a branded service with exclusive rights to the curb at Dulles International Airport. We operate one-third of the 660 vehicles that serve the airport. We provide outbound service to customers debarking at Dulles, and we also provide inbound service, by reservation, to customers headed to Dulles Airport with flights leaving Washington, DC.

Sun Taxicab – Montgomery County, MD (Greater DC area)

Our newest taxi operation, Sun Taxicab was launched in mid-2006. We focus primarily on the Silver Spring and Wheaton areas of Montgomery County. We currently operate 43 taxis, and have plans to expand our operation. We aim to be the premier service provider in the market, and to continue to grow our fleet. We provide excellent service, a strong quality assurance program, and have a long list of drivers who wish to join our growing company.

Transdev North America is the largest private sector operator of multiple modes of transit in North America, providing bus, rail, paratransit, shuttle, sedan and taxi services. We manage over 200 transportation contracts for cities, transit authorities and airports, providing safe and sustainable mobility solutions. Our mission is to improve public transportation, to enhance quality of life and combat global warming.

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