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More Economical than a Taxi or Limo

SuperShuttle is the largest airport shuttle in the U.S., moving over 8 million passengers per year. Our passengers share the ride with others going in their direction, and in exchange for a little of their time, receive a valuable service that is more convenient than driving and parking at the airport and more economical than a taxi or limo. We provide shuttle service between airports, hotels, residences and offices. And private van services can even be arranged for group travel needs.

We continue to strive to make the travel experience better for our passengers, whether through advanced reservations technology, proprietary routing software, helpful franchise drivers, airport counters and kiosks, or any of the other myriad ways we work to make customers feel informed, comfortable and satisfied with the SuperShuttle experience.

Grouping and Routing

One key to our success is our in-house, custom-designed routing software that dynamically groups passengers by area of town or major artery. Our powerful software enables us to create routes that are as efficient as possible, which maximizes our productivity and gets our customers where they are going quickly, with less wait time and as few stops as possible (on average, only 2.5 stops per trip). The software has been continually refined over the years to dynamically and efficiently group people who are going to the airport from the same part of town—or those who are headed from the airport to the same part of town. We provide our dispatchers with modern tools for viewing pending rides, strategically grouping passengers on the most optimal routes, and monitoring the execution of each trip.

National Call Centers

Our two call centers provide service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. Our system is capable of handling 20,000 calls per day, and designed to be very efficient and friendly for passengers. We use state of the art technology to minimize the time needed for a customer to make a reservation, and well-trained agents help callers to quickly and easily place reservations in any city we serve. We also offer TDD service and bilingual reservation agents for our customers’ convenience.

Online Booking and Travel Partnerships

In addition to the call center, SuperShuttle customers can make advance reservations at our web site,, which features an easy to use booking engine. Many of our customers prefer this option, and our website has become very popular.

Customers who book on our website can even earn frequent flyer miles and round trip discounts on Delta, Frontier, Northwest and US Airways. Or, when they make their airline reservations on the official websites of Delta/Northwest, Southwest, US Airways, Frontier, Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz, guests can book their SuperShuttle ride at the same time. Plus we have partnerships and discounts with AAA, American Express and major domestic and international tour wholesalers that incorporate SuperShuttle as part of their tour packages, such as Qantas Holidays, Virgin Holidays, STA Travel, Mark Travel, and Certified Vacations.

In-Airport Counters and Kiosks

In most of our cities, we have airport counters near the baggage claim areas, where our passengers can book their trips or obtain their boarding pass if they have made advanced reservations. There is usually comfortable seating near our counters, where people can wait briefly while we group them with other passengers going their way. In many of our cities SuperShuttle also offers fully integrated, touch-sensitive kiosks at the counter, allowing riders to make arrangements for transport quickly and easily. If the guest does not have a reservation, our kiosks create a “Ready Rez,” capturing all pertinent guest information. The kiosks also feature automatic fare calculation and routed directions for drivers. This technology scales up the throughput of passengers at the airport counter, reducing wait time and greatly improving the customer service experience for our guests.

Reservations with the Hotel Concierge

The SuperShuttle Web Concierge System allows select hotels to have a customized web site that works directly with the SuperShuttle booking engine. This allows a hotel to quickly and easily create and view the status of reservations, communicate directly with our dispatch center, even modify and cancel reservations. The entire system is designed for the convenience of hotel staff, so they can expeditiously offer an additional convenience to their guests.

Easy Payment Options

We offer convenient payment options for our customers. Passengers can pay in cash or with a major credit card, in advance or on-board the vehicle. We are also happy to arrange for a direct bill account, to give our returning clients another easy way to pay.

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