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Driver Franchise Model

At SuperShuttle, our drivers are franchisees or independent contractors, which means they are small business owners responsible for their own vehicle and its operation.

SuperShuttle has developed a Franchise Program, in which a franchise-holder drives one of our vans. Unit franchisees operating under a franchise agreement are granted a non-exclusive license to drive a van and use the trademarked SuperShuttle name, in exchange for abiding by and maintaining SuperShuttle’s performance and service standards (which include strict adherence to airport rules and regulations).

Our program attracts individuals that want more than employment; they want to invest in a business that enables them to share in the growth and business potential of the SuperShuttle system.

In screening drivers for franchise ownership, we look for independent individuals with interpersonal skills and a genuine interest in interacting with people and providing great service. Our 1,200 franchise owners are dedicated to the day-to-day operations of their business, and to working within the guidelines set forth by SuperShuttle to give customers the best possible experience.

And we give our franchisees the opportunity to benefit from our operational strengths too, including our technology infrastructure and marketing and sales support. For instance, we provide franchisees a state-of-the art dispatch system that utilizes GPS and sophisticated routing software; a flow of customers generated by our national call centers, and partnerships with travel industry leaders such as Expedia, Orbitz and multiple leading airlines. This support, combined with the investment and commitment of our franchisees, can enhance our mutual success and allow SuperShuttle to deliver excellent service and value to customers.

We also encourage diversity among our franchise owners, and over 70% of our franchisees represent minority populations.

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