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Airport Expertise

SuperShuttle operates in 32 airports across the U.S. and we are committed to providing the highest quality service in the industry. We have been providing shuttle services under contract to airports for 25 years. During this long tenure, we have come to understand the concerns and issues that our airport clients face, as well as the conditions required to ensure the success of shared ride service.

Benefits of Shared Ride Service to Airports

  • We help airports ease traffic congestion within the airport.
  • We remove private cars from the traffic flow, helping to reduce emissions and improve air quality.
  • We provide an important, cost-effective service to people who cannot afford a taxi or black car sedan ride, or do not have access to public transportation or a car.
  • We provide relief to airports who are facing parking lot capacity constraints and need to reduce the number of private cars at the airport.

Conditions for Shared Ride Success

During our 25-year history, we have learned a great deal about the conditions that are necessary for shared ride service to be effective at an airport. These include:

  • Exclusive physical space for efficient loading and unloading of 2 to 3 vans at the same time, including allowing our vans 5 to 10 minutes to aggregate customers, load luggage and move out.
  • Visible SuperShuttle signage so that passengers can easily find SuperShuttle, particularly those coming from different cities who may not be familiar with the arrangements in the city where they are landing.
  • Dedicated ticket counters staffed with our people and kiosks in baggage claim areas where passengers can book a reservation or collect boarding passes.
  • Seating near the ticket counters so that passengers can be comfortable while they are waiting for their van.
  • Management of customer boarding and outbound dispatch to provide optimized service to the customer.

We work closely with our airline partners to ensure that the above requirements are worked out in advance in order to ensure our mutual success.

Unique Aspects of Shared Ride Service

We continue to refine our software and operational processes so that we can keep our promises to airports to deliver professional, quality service that passengers need and value. We have invested heavily in our custom-designed software, which dynamically groups people at the airport while they are waiting, whether they have prior reservations or not. It assigns them to a van they will share that is going to the same part of town or that follows along a major artery. This process, which is similar on inbound trips, requires sophisticated routing software that many smaller companies cannot provide. In this sense, our service is more complicated than taxi, sedan or limousine services.

We also bring our airport customers a base of business, as well as key infrastructure to support business generation. These include over 100 partnerships with airlines and other travel outlets that allow people to book their reservations with us as they are making their airline reservation.

Many Key Success Factors to Shared Ride

Many factors must work together to make shared ride an attractive proposition for an airport, and to enable the selected shared ride vendor to book sufficient volume to maintain a critical mass of drivers and ensure service quality. If any of the major factors are missing, the business volume will not be sufficient for the shared ride company, leading to loss of drivers and reduction of service quality.

With 25 years of experience, 32 leading airports and 8 million annual passengers, we have come to deeply understand the critical success factors involved, and we bring this experience and insight to our relationships with our airport clients. We work hard to build mutually beneficial partnerships with our airports, and to maintain our status as the nation’s leading airport shuttle service.

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