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Providing Value to Passengers and Airports

Twenty-six years ago, SuperShuttle pioneered the shared-ride airport ground transportation concept with the opening of its Los Angeles, California operation.

Today, SuperShuttle is the premier shared-ride airport transportation service in the United States, providing door-to-door service for over 8 million passengers per year. Currently, SuperShuttle serves over 50 cities in the areas surrounding 32 major airports, and has approximately 1,200 vehicles on the road. As of 2009, our distinctive blue vans can be seen operating in half of the nation’s 60 largest airports.

As a pioneer and leader in our niche, we have developed critical expertise in serving passengers and providing value to our airport clients. We have made extensive investments in developing our own proprietary technology and systems in order to efficiently and effectively manage our business and our quality. These investments have included sophisticated dispatch and reservation systems, state-of-the art communications technology (to connect drivers, dispatch and operations), and analytical and reporting tools. We have a highly seasoned management team of knowledgeable industry veterans, and have developed over 100 marketing partnerships with airlines, online travel agencies, and tour wholesalers.

A Super Ride on SuperShuttle

We were founded on the principles of high quality passenger service, responsiveness, reliability and safety—and we take those principles to heart. Our affordable service removes the hassle and expense of airport parking for our millions of loyal customers across the country.

Many shuttle providers limit their service to hotel and convention center business, and do not offer rides to and from the passenger’s home or office. We are unique in that in addition to serving hotels and convention centers, we also pick people up at their homes and offices and take them to and from the airport.

Advanced Technology for a Better Customer Experience

Over the years, we have invested a great deal in software to optimize routes and group people efficiently. Today, our proprietary software is flexible and dynamic, taking into account the various destinations of passengers who want to travel to and from the airport at any given time, and creating the most efficient routes possible. With our knowledgeable dispatch teams, GPS-enabled vans, and custom routing software, our customers can enjoy the cost savings of a shared-ride service along with the assurance that they will reach their destinations promptly.

Multiple Reservations Options

In order to accommodate our customers’ busy lifestyles, we offer a number of ways to reserve a ride with SuperShuttle. Guests can call our toll-free reservation line at 1-800 BLUE-VAN, book a reservation on our secure website at, arrange transportation through our kiosks or ticket counters at the airport, or work with one of our many affiliate partners to make a reservation.

Franchise Drivers, Invested in Success

At SuperShuttle, our van drivers are small business owners who are responsible for their own vehicle and its operation. The SuperShuttle Unit Franchise Program attracts individuals who want more than just employment; they want their own business that enables them to share in the growth and potential of the SuperShuttle system. This means they are invested in the success of their business, and committed to offering quality customer service. We support them with our state-of-the-art dispatch technology, reservations systems, marketing partnerships and financing options.

Environmental Benefits

Eight million passengers use SuperShuttle per year, which reduces the average number of car trips taken to the airport in the U.S. by four million annually. Many of our loyal customers choose SuperShuttle for this reason. They know that by using our quality shared ride service, they not only save money, but they also help the environment, and sometimes even meet a few new friends along the way!

ADA Accessibility

All SuperShuttle locations maintain accessible vehicles in their respective fleet and provide accessible service

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