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Transdev and Delphi Announce Partnership for Autonomous Mobility

We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Delphi Automotive, a leading global supplier of vehicle technology, to accelerate the use of autonomous public transit shuttles and pods on open roads and city streets. The partnership will develop a comprehensive suite of integrated technology for driverless, on-demand transport on public roads that is safe, reliable, and ensures a consistently positive experience for passengers.

Our goal is to help our clients launch driverless mobility options that blend seamlessly with existing public transportation systems. Evidence is emerging that autonomous shuttles have great potential to become a genuine problem solver for cities, transit agencies, universities, airports and more. Integrating autonomous shuttles and pods into public transit will be an early arena of deployment in the evolution of autonomous mobility.


  • In thousands of cities in 19 countries, we have helped clients expand their mobility ecosystems. We are dedicated to continuing with autonomous vehicles.
  • Delphi is a global innovator in the development of automated driving technology platforms.
  • Delphi’s partnerships—including with collision-avoidance camera expert Mobileye (recently acquired by Intel) as well as Transdev’s partnership with automaker Renault-Nissan—will spur speed and quality as we expand our shared footprint.
  • The partnership’s first open road, driverless on-demand service contracts, will start in 2017 in France and expand from there to the U.S., Canada and other countries in 2018.
  • Our goal is to launch and quickly expand to Level Five Autonomy, which features fully driverless operations: no driver or attendant or steering wheel—everything is controlled remotely by the central computing/tech platform.

Combining the strengths of our two companies, leaders in their respective fields, will enable Transdev to introduce innovative driverless services to our clients in our current and future operations. We are committed to bringing strong solutions to our clients and to pioneering in integrating autonomous transport systems into their mobility networks. 


A Natural Partnership


  • Expertise as a leading mobility operator
  • Front-end relationship with passengers (ticketing,
    customer info, apps)
  • Routing engine and ability to connect between
    modes seamlessly
  • Remote control command center—linking vehicles,
    command center and passengers
  • Extensive experience in safety, security, and optimizing
    the passenger experience


  • Automated driving platform that can go into any vehicle
    that Transdev specifies
  • The Sensor Suite: LiDAR, Radar sensors, and cameras
    from Mobileye
  • Centralized Sensing, Planning and
    Localization systems
  • Central computer platform that hosts the processing required
    for the AV system and integrates Mobileye/Intel hardware
  • Automated driving software
  • Cloud infrastructure for updates, real-time analytics,
    & data extraction

This partnership is another step toward meeting the mobility needs of the future with autonomous operations. We have operated an AV contract in France on a corporate campus for the past year, and have conducted other successful driverless shuttle programs in France and the Netherlands. Delphi has piloted autonomous operations in Singapore.

Contact Dick AlexanderNeal Hemenover, or Sean Quigley to learn more about how driverless solutions can benefit communities and expand mobility ecosystems.

Media Coverage

Delphi and Transdev to develop global on-demand driverless transportation

TC.pngDelphi will be bringing its automated driving platform to the mix, which it’s creating in partnership with Mobileye; meanwhile, Transdev is a recognized leader in mobility network operation, and already works with public transit authorities around the word, including trams, light rail, buses, ferries, and more recently, autonomous vehicles. Transdev boasts 83,000 employees, and operates 40,000 vehicles across 19 countries across all five continents – so even if it’s new to you (as it was to me), they’ve got positioning in the industry that few can claim to match. 
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Rapid advances in computer-assisted driving technology have attracted growing interest from potential rivals in Silicon Valley and forced Delphi and other automotive companies to adapt to a more competitive environment. 
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If Delphi and Transdev have their way, your daily commute might involve the phrase, "Time to take the pod to work." 


Delphi to partner with Transdev on self-driving buses, taxis

It may take a while for people to trust the vehicles enough to use them, but Leriche said acceptance may not be that hard to get. Transdev has surveyed users in autonomous shuttle tests about the service and quality, and more than 90 percent were excited about the service. "They were not afraid of the fact that there was no driver," he said. 
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Fully Driverless Cars Could Be On The Road For The First Time Next Year

The partnership hopes to scale up its operations to eventually provide its service throughout France in 2019. They also have their eyes on moving the operation to other countries including the U.S. 
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