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Is Transdev a great place to work?
Our employees certainly enjoy it.

We think that Transdev North America is the best place to build a career in the transportation sector. And we'll let our team members tell you why.

  1. Joseph, Safety and Training Manager
  2. Gregg, General Manager, Bus Transit
  3. Shelly, Driver, Transportation
  4. Stephanie, Office Manager, Rail Division
  5. Corey, Transit Supervisor, Operations Safety Assistant
  6. Debbie, Bus Driver/Trainer
  7. James, Bus Operator/Shop Steward
  8. Boyd, Operations Manager
  9. Vincent, Dispatcher/Supervisor
  10. Lonnie, Bus Operator
  11. Terri, Dispatcher/Assistant Supervisor
  12. Kimberly, Transportation Supervisor
  13. Resha, Assistant General Manager
  14. Al, General Manager

Joseph, Safety and Training Manager

"I found myself working in a taxi company in high school, and loved the fast pace and diverse group of people. I've never had an interest in anything other than transportation since. About a year and a half ago, I decided to join Transdev North America because of the potential to advance over time, the location of the facility, and the reputation that Transdev has.

"I am responsible for all aspects of training at the local contract operation. Among other responsibilities, I oversee the proper training of employees, developing, establishing and promoting the maintenance of a safe, accident-free and healthy work environment.

"I have learned so much more about training and adult learning processes since coming to Transdev. The training programs for managers and other staff members are unparalleled in comparison to my experience with other companies. Management makes the tools of success readily available for us to learn.

"I feel the contributions I make are taken into consideration and that both my work and voice are valued. Transdev puts a lot of effort into laying the groundwork for people to get the most out of their work without feeling like they're under constant scrutiny. Working in a supportive environment like this provides a solid foundation that leads to a more rewarding and enjoyable work experience. Working with the start-up in Toronto has been a real career highlight. I learned more about payroll and other processes than I ever thought possible."


Gregg, General Manager, Bus Transit

"I've been withTransdev NA for about two years. I decided to work here because of the size and stability of the company, as well as the regional team that would be supporting me.

"Compared to other transportation companies I've worked with, I'm involved in more areas, including start-up, CBA negotiations and mediation. Seeing a highly functional regional support team in action has helped enhance my skills.

"In a word, the culture here is supportive. I have spoken with many folks outside of our region, and well up the chain, and I constantly see good leaders, strong teamwork, and support.

"One of my career highlights was planning and executing the biggest change in our system's history with success—and I couldn't have done it without the start-up experience I gained here. I have great balance in my professional life, and love my region."


Shelly, Driver, Transportation

"I was a tow-truck driver before joining Transdev about a year and a half ago because the benefits are good, and I like being around people.

"My primary responsibility is to drive my bus in a safe manner. I enjoy driving and meeting new people, but of course, there's a lot more to it than that. You have to relate well to the customers.

"Stanford is a beautiful place to work, and the people are nice to be around. What I enjoy most is working with all different kinds of people and lending a helping hand. It's a fun place to work!"


Stephanie, Office Manager, Rail Division

"I have stayed with Transdev for more than 10 years because of the working relationships I've made over the years. My first role was executive assistant for the regional VP in San Diego. I now work at the light rail property as the office manager. I run payroll, accounts payable, run reports, and handle human resources.

"Since joining Transdev ten years ago, I have had the pleasure of working at the regional and property (bus and rail) levels, and have been able to grow educationally and professionally. My career highlight would be introducing a web database to link three properties together for reporting. Being able to train for the administration of this new database was fun and interesting.

"The best reasons to join Transdev are that they treat you like family, they promote from within, and because it's one of the largest transportation companies, the growth potential is excellent. Transdev offers tremendous advancement potential and work/life balance."


Corey, Transit Supervisor, Operations Safety Assistant

"Since joining Transdev more than five years ago, I've never been happier or more settled in a job. I began as a transit operator, and am now a transit supervisor overseeing the schedule adherence of operators along designated routes. I also organize the daily activities of the dispatcher and verify the completion of tasks assigned in relation to the dispatching of routes. In addition, I am the safety and training manager.

"I can't begin to tell you how much I've learned here. The training this company offers is amazing. It has also helped in my personal life because I have implemented that training into it, and safety is something that can be applied to every action you perform. The entire experience has made me more adaptable to change, and the team spirit has really helped me enjoy coming to work.

"Everyone here takes their job very seriously and is always on the lookout for ways to improve and do a better job. This honest and eager behavior is unlike anything that I've seen at any other company. I believe this is why we are so safe in our operations, and everyone gets along like family. I think it's due to the superior training that all of the operators receive. I feel privileged to work with a company that cares so much for each and every employee—and it shows.

"I had an experience in which I was assisting in the start-up of another location where we had just won a service contract. It was my first location assistance project, and I was amazed at the number of corporate folks who came and got their hands dirty by pitching in with this project."


Debbie, Bus Driver/Trainer

"I joined Transdev nine years ago because I loved that they are so focused on safety and teamwork, and that they have such a good training program.

"As a bus driver/trainer, I get to participate in start-ups, which I love. Transdev has made me a better performer in terms of safety and customer service.

"Being with Transdev is like being with family. The best reasons to work with Transdev? They care about you. They're very focused on the important things: customers, employees and safety. And there are great opportunities to move up in the company."


James, Bus Operator/Shop Steward

"I was attracted to the field of transportation because I like seeing different places and meeting people. I have been with Transdev for two years now. I really love the Stanford location and have made good friends here.

"Since joining the Transdev team, I have gotten better at responding to different types of people. I believe I've learned to be a safer driver, and to really listen to what people expect from me.

"One thing that I really appreciate is that my general manager will stay and work with me on anything that might be of concern. What makes Transdev a great place to work is the culture of safety. It's the only way we know."


Boyd, Operations Manager

"Since I've always liked driving, I figured that I should get paid to do so. When I joined Transdev as a bus operator 11 years ago, it was because of the potential for advancement.

"As operations manager, I handle scheduling, driver supervision/oversight, and policy enforcement. Working here has made me aware of the extensive work that is done behind the scenes in order to transport people. Each division here seems more individualized than those of public organizations, so it's easier to change with the needs of the market.

"Some of the best reasons to join Transdev include the opportunities to advance, the excellent training, and the great number of divisions where you can work."


Vincent, Dispatcher/Supervisor

"I've been with Transdev for two years. Since day one, this company has lived up to its reputation for safety, and I'm all for that. They will push you to take classes so you can grow with the company and learn at your own pace.

"My dispatching responsibilities include making sure routes are filled and buses are properly assigned, answering calls and filling in schedules for the next day. As a road supervisor, I man the train station, handle trail checks, help transport drivers switch buses, answer calls from dispatch and drivers, and provide relief when others are on break.

"I've learned a lot here, and continue to learn more every day. One thing I've gained from this job is an understanding of how to be more responsible, and I have the opportunity to teach the drivers. I love working here because the team is diverse, the location is beautiful, and we preach safety first.

"The best reasons to join Transdev are the opportunity to grow and the emphasis on safety. Plus, I like the passengers, the drivers, and the management team. Transdev is well-known, and it's more than driving buses. To make a company run, you need drivers, dispatch people, and strong management. If you have transportation experience and a positive attitude, then Transdev is right for you."


Lonnie, Bus Operator

"I've always loved meeting/greeting people, having fun with them, and getting them where they need to go. I've been in the transportation industry for 28 years, but only joined Transdev recently. The Transdev reputation is what brought me here. I like the cleanliness of the vehicles.

"My role includes driving people on campus, and being a good ambassador to everyone. I love people, and I think working with Transdev has made me even more conscious of being very respectful to others. One of the things I like best is seeing people smile after I help them get to their destinations.

"This is a great place to work now, and it will be in the future, because we're all part of a great team."


Terri, Dispatcher/Assistant Supervisor

"After several years in the transportation industry with other companies, I saw the potential to grow with Transdev, especially considering the company's past history of success, so I joined the organization about nine years ago.

"My role consists of dispatching vehicles at a major international airport via two-way radio and telephone. I also assist with scheduling drivers and administrative tasks.

"Working here has enabled me to interact with and understand people who speak different languages and come from different cultures. When you help airport passengers, you're exposed to a wide range of nationalities. I enjoy the ever-changing airport environment, the team motivation, and the organization in general."


Kimberly, Transportation Supervisor

"I grew up riding the bus with my father, who retired after 35 years. After I started driving a bus for Transdev more than six years ago, I was hooked. I am now a transportation supervisor, and am responsible for the scheduling and training of train operators.

"Before Transdev, I had desk jobs. I now have a real appreciation for this hands-on, make-it-happen environment. It's a great family.

"My career highlights include working at Sprinter/Rail during the start-up and grand opening. One of the best reasons to join Transdev is the room for promotion and advancement."


Resha, Assistant General Manager

"I have held several different positions with Transdev. My current role is to support the general manager in meeting contract compliance, as well as ensuring that we, as a team, uphold the strict safety and customer relations standards that demonstrate our commitment to achieving world-class safety. I also support the training and safety manager to ensure that operations continue without interruption, and everything is achieved with a safety-first agenda.

"Since being employed by Transdev, I have had several wonderful opportunities offered to me. As the office manager, I was able to attend the 2009 HR/Gatekeeper Academy, where I learned the great scope of what Transdev is trying to achieve through the HR department, with the added benefit of meeting many new people.

"That same year, I participated in the TSI Master Instructor Trainer Course, and was awarded certification for that program. This was one of the greatest moments in my transportation career. Upon being promoted to safety and training manager in 2010, I received an invitation to the Safety Academy in Las Vegas last year and this year. The Academy demonstrates the corporate support for our safety departments and our locations, which strengthened my view of Transdev.

"Transdev is probably the most safety-driven transportation company that I have worked for. The commitment is seen throughout the entire spectrum of the company. My favorite career highlights would have to be meeting and working with the awesome crew at my location. Transdev is not just a job, or a career, for that matter, but a family that is working in unison to achieve a common goal: world-class safety."


Al, General Manager

"I once worked for a company that was later purchased by Transdev, and transportation just became a passion for me. I began as an operations manager, then became a general manager, and am responsible for a university contract.

"One of the great things about the Transdev family is that they push you in positive ways to do better and to achieve higher standards. My supervisors make me move out of my comfort zone to grow as a manager. They are an inspiration because they are tremendous leaders with a passion for safety and a commitment to their people.

"Some years back, there was a shooting on campus. Our people were 10 feet away when that happened. They put their lives on the line for the students, and waited until the bus was full before moving away from the scene. That's really a testimonial to the type of people who work for Transdev.

"One of the best reasons to join Transdev is to become part of a vast network of professionals who are truly trying to make a difference. It's an organization that will guide and educate you."


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